Communities Face Growing Issues With Squatters

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Squatters have faced trespassing charges and endured other difficulty when trying to go about taking someone else's property for their own, it has become a big problem around the US for property owners today.

There are many cases where the owner of the home is victimized by the squatters and is unable to seek justice on the issue often for months at a time until they wait for their day in court to settle the situation. In the meantime a great deal of damage can be inflicted on the property and sometimes property owners might be paying for a property even though they aren't allowed to gain access because of illegitimate squatters on the property.

Why does the state protect squatters?

The state should be looking to uphold property rights of home owners and it is a risk for all home owners if they can at any point have squatters show up and inflict this sort of pain on them. From mobile homes to luxury mansions you can find squatting situations that have happened all in-between.

Unfortunately, you can actually find some influencers online today who advocate for and promote the idea of others 'getting free land' by engaging in these practices.

This risk reduces the incentive that someone might want to buy a home, who would ever want to deal with this sort of nightmare? And when it happens many wonder why the property owner doesn't have the right to use any means necessary to get that threat out of their home.

It seems criminals are more protected in this circumstance than victims.

Around the world people have expressed outrage at the idea that strangers can come into your home and somehow have a higher claim to it than the actual owner does.

Even if they call the police and the police simply tell them they have to sort it out in court, meanwhile the people aren't leaving the home and the homeowner is homeless. Does this sound like justice?

If you need a home don't go and steal it from someone else because you certainly wouldn't want that happening to you, would you? The state has long needed to address this problem and strengthen the rights of property owners so that they can perhaps deal with this issue themselves when they find a threat that has been trespassing on their grounds.