Detroit Rapper Buys Up Old Neighborhood

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One rapper from Detroit has been hard at work cleaning up the houses in the region and trying to make a difference by buying back the block one house at a time and rehabbing old homes that have deteriorated around the area.

Alonzo Stallworth is the owner of Th3 Block Development and he says that he is trying to "level the playing field" with his actions to buy up old homes and add value to them in his own community.

Plans to Rebuild Detroit

The group Th3 Block Development is purchasing abandoned houses in Detroit and then they get to work on renovating them and they are doing a great job of it.

Altogether they have already renovated 30 homes.

Now, he is clearly using his fame to try and make a change in the community for good and bring new value back to the area. Not only is he working to fix up the homes and provide those safe spaces to those who are interested, but he is also providing jobs to people in the community too.

Detroit has for years now has had the reputation of having many abandoned homes in the area, several years ago it was estimated to be tens of thousands of abandoned homes. It go so bad that people referred to the city itself as being abandoned, but there are efforts going on (like that mentioned above) to try and turn things around. Home prices might be going up and there is some new life coming to the area but there is still a lot of work to be done.