Dining and Entertainment Cannabis Lounges Coming to Vegas

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@doitvoluntarily2 years ago
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There is a need for cannabis-friendly hotels, lounges, restaurants and other cannabis-related ideas to take root, these businesses are going to require some time on making their to becoming fully realized.

Already within a few years we have seen the cannabis market explode though with thousands of different products coming to light.

For one of those cannabis destinations in Vegas, known as Planet 13, they are allegedly hoping to become a cannabis tourist hotspot that offers more than your usual tourist or cannabis-themed experience.

At Plant 13 in Vegas they have plans for a next level cannabis lounge that will be somewhat like a club in the experience that it offers, somewhere people can travel to and enjoy.

The first lounges of their kind are expected to start opening in Nevada next year, within the first half of the year we might see them start to become finalized.

There is a great deal of opportunity here for them to capture a lot of cannabis tourism and to become one of the best cannabis event venues in the U.S., not just in Nevada. They are going to experiment on this front and bring to light some new cannabis clubs that will be different and unlike anyone has experienced before. That will help to establish one more appealing tourist market attraction for Nevada, which already attracts millions from all over the world on a yearly basis.

The cannabis tourism market is a multi-million dollar market and people that consume want to find safe places to do so. They also want ease and convenience when finding quality products. This means finding cannabis restaurants, cannabis hotels, cannabis clubs, and smoking lounges, cannabis stores, and all other related services in the market.

Cannabis might be considered medicine by millions, including a number of doctors today around the world, and used as such, but it still has a long way to go to break the stigma.

There is still a great lack of education on this plant and work that needs to be done to deteriorate the ignorance surrounding it. Doing that is going to make way for the opportunity to carve out a flourishing cannabis market that includes a wide variety of cannabis businesses and services. We aren't there yet but we are on our way.