Study Says Underbuilding of Homes is Fueling Housing Shortage and Affordability Crisis

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According to a new study that was released from the National Association of Realtors, there is a significant shortage of homes in the market right now.

Around the U.S. it is estimated that there is an affordability crisis as far as rent and housing goes, with minimum wage workers now priced out of renting most spaces in cities all over the country.

The recently released report suggests that there might be a need for millions more homes to help solve the issue, anywhere between 5 to 6.8 million housing units are needed.

Getting those homes built in a variety of places though is somewhat of a nightmare considering the barriers that exist surrounding all of the permission slips and required approval that's involved along the way.

Shortages In The Housing Market Include Those For:

  • first-time buyer houses
  • affordable housing options
  • multifamily buildings
  • trade-up properties
  • rental properties


The solution it looks like according to this report is that millions of different homes are needed to be flooded into that market to boost inventory and help to even out the price bubble that people are seeing in price.

In many ways they make things worse for the individual with their intrusion in this industry and worsen the cost of living. It is this coercion which arguably restricts solutions from coming about faster for individuals around the country.

For those who are waiting on the federal government to fix this housing problem that exists in the market today they might be waiting a long time. If anything you might see it get worse based on their track record.