Texas Family Losing Property Via Forfeiture to Build Border Wall

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

The family had been represented by the Texas Civil Rights Project who had been on their side fighting this fight since the beginning.

Their land rights had to recently be handed over after a ruling came from a judge.

The current landowner is disabled and has alleged that the government has put the burden on him to clear the land for them. Those who previously owned the land are also concerned that they now won't have enough land to rent to tenants, which has been their means of making a living for years.

There is also fear that they themselves might not be allowed on the property. Right now there is some confusion over whether or not that wall construction is goin to continue.

The family wants Biden to make good on his promise.

“This President promised not one more foot of wall or land forfeiture, and look what happened … land forfeiture,” - R Anzaldua, member of the Cavazos family.

Their family has allegedly been losing land for decades, overall they say that they've lost 200 acres of land through eminent domain and it's too much for them.

“We lost either to unscrupulous people or the government. You know, just in the last 60 years or 70 years, my family has lost over 200 acres of land to eminent domain. It's too much,”- Anzaldua.

“Our grandmother told us never to sell this land because we could always live off the land,...And we have deep roots here in the Rio Grande Valley,.. We've been here since before there was a United States. So, our roots here are very deep and we have a love for the land. We don't want to lose the land.” - Anzaldua