Thousands calling for pause on AI development

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AI development has been ramping up, especially with the widespread excitement surrounding ChatGPT. But now tech experts are calling for a pause on that development and they've collectively supported and signed an open letter asking for a pause in this area so that they can work to avoid profound risks to society that they worry might be linked with unchecked progress in this area.

In their open letter that has been signed by thousands already, they call on those AI labs to pause right away temporarily, for at least 6 months.

Among those who are in support of the pause are individuals including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, along with thousands of others. The message is clear which is that they want to see a several month wait on AI experiments. If not they fear that it could pose great risks to humanity.

They have asked AI labs to pause their training models temporarily until experts might establish some safeguards. They also want to see those safety protocols audited and facing oversight from independent experts. It seems that a number of experts want to further investigate the potential harm that can come from this instead of rolling full steam ahead.

This isn't the first time that tech experts have warned about the dangers of AI.

Musk has previously suggested it could be one of the biggest risks to civilization if there is unrestrained development.

Previous surveys have shown that a number of people are more worried than excited about the prospect of further AI development. Job worries has been one of the biggest areas that people are worried about despite some suggesting new and better jobs will come around as a result of those which are lost.

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