Everything You Need to Do BEFORE Buying an NFT

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cover000010101.jpg Are you looking to buy your first Nft? I will explain everything you should know before making your first purchase.

You probably saw a big hype around the nfts but what makes a good project? How do you know you’re going to make a good investment, or is there something you should be doing before you get started?

The thing to take into account with the Nfts is to understand that their value its speculative as art that will not seem clear of what is good or and that has value according to my experience what you need to check is the community behind the project that is the thing to keep in mind

Before we get started remember that, i am not a financial advisor

Creating your wallet

The first thing you’ll need is a wallet in our case we’ll use metamask.

Metamask Wallet is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes it easy to use ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens on the MetaMask Wallet, is a crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain app in bulk this is what will be your profile on the web3. With a login and an email adress you’ll get a metamask wallet connecting to your browser via an extension.

Once your metamask configure we will go to nft marketplace these are sites like ebay, amazon but for nfts

Find your nft marketplace

Opensea OpenSea is a marketplace for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. that’s offer a wide variety of NFTs from multiple creators, including digital art, video game items, and even real-world items like sneakers and handbags.

Axie Marketplace Axie Infinity, the world’s first decentralized game where you can breed, raise, and fight Axies in a fantasy world, is launching its NFT Marketplace, a new way to create, buy, and sell digital items in Axie Infinity.

Nft Showroom NFT Showroom is a technology platform that allows artists to tokenize their artwork. Simply put, the first blockchain-based art gallery. they build a community of artists to help them explore new artistic endeavors. Provide a platform for them to showcase their work and find new ways to bring their creations to life.

Find a good project

Once you have found the project you are interested in don’t think too much start but before investing do your research, check out the team that is working on the project.

Make sure their twitter account is active, post messages regularly and do giveaways. Once this step passes the next thing to do is join their discord.

Discord is where you will have the information before the release of the project. Get discord checks the roadmap, the token utility, talk To the founder assured you they’re legitimate.

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