What You Should Know About Web 3.0 - The Basics

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Ever since I joined the Hive platform, I started to search for things related to the blockchain, web 3.0 and SocialFi. The knowledge I'd acquired since then has been quite significant. I talk about it when I can and share what I learn with people around me.

Recently, I have had quite a number of friends ask me about what the Web 3.0 is all about. I try to explain as visually as I can, but I ended up having to explain it all using a video.


In this video, I talk about what the Web 3.0 is all about, especially I'm the context of how the Internet has evolved over time since inception. I also showed how the idea of the Web 3.0 is so closely related to the blockchain, deriving almost all its abilities from the goodies the blockchain affords it. Screenshot_20220422184346_Gallery.jpg 5s4dzRwnVbzGY5ssnCE4wXzkeAEXyVtgk1ApQTwHMTp6y5PvEo1yennCKQRd5YWCghPoAXpZRoCcQQNkoWiDbGAa5JexMx3d4by9Cm8dcCUTKwLBfeZbqt6y583ACJMuTQ6VWomYjuJWSReV2JM1mVg6vKGRe23pKXgEzhU.png

The Internet of the future is exciting one, full of so many possibilities, made efficient by innovation and new technology.

I believe anyone who would be on this earth in the nearest future should at least have an idea of what the future of the Internet would look like. And I strongly agree that the Web 3.0 would be the biggest chunk of what it entails.

Get knowledge! Get power! Knowledge is key👌

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