What is LeoFinance's role in web 3.0

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LeoFinance is an Ecosystem developed on Web3, with its main mission is to democratize knowledge about finance and, in this way, contributing to access opportunities with a logical basis on Web3. But during the period when the markets are in a low as we are living now it is always good to keep an eye and focus on the constructions of values, not focused on the prices of the token market, but LeoFinance is focused on fulfilling its mission.

How does she view market cycles?

In the big crypto market cycles (all technology cycles), the best development occurs when the market is in the bear period. The bull market is when we make profits that we call the end of the party and build accumulations.

How does leoFinance position itself in this market?

In this market scenario, LeoFinance is looking to hire more talent for what we call the LeoTeam more than ever before and the evolution of technological developments has reached a pace never seen before. Bear markets are when we position ourselves, bull markets are when we raise the price of the token, understand the fundamentals and start thinking about it.

True riches are made by accumulating in the bear period, but more importantly we understand that true technological leaps are made by investing in the bear cycle, building our team, and moving quickly through our white paper. When we talk about Web3 , it creates a whole new scenario where amazing tools, platforms and economies are being built.

What is LeoFinance's look at web3?

Our purpose with Web3 is focused on democratizing financial access and opportunities, thereby building a wide variety of applications, tools and opportunities for our users, we are often on Web3 and testing the limits of what is possible. The concept of Web3 is seen as dynamics that move. It is not static like previous versions of Web.

Therefore, it seeks a state of constant transformations. You can see this by following the story of LeoFinance as we grow from a simple blog tier and elevate to a Web3 ecosystem with opportunities for our users that now spans everything from Tokenized Social Media.

and then you liked the article, I'll leave a link about the project for you to know more about this web 3.0 project below, thanks and until next time.