BTC 51k! And my big HIVE Power Up, 10 cent upvotes, 70 rep! Thank you 3Speak, WeedCash, LeoFinance!

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

I've certainly been critical (you may have seen my comments and/or posts), but from a constructive perspective. I'm critical because I care, and that's how I try to fix things, by first identifying problems. It's not coming from a place of negativity or hatred. And I've hung on, when almost everybody didn't - but it hasn't been easy!

Several months ago, after a brutal fork, I was left feeling dejected. 95% down in my initial investment, working every day for many hours to pull in pennies, not reaching many people with my messages. And because I'm unbanked and unsmart, I have very limited options. I felt like my crypto future was almost over. I stopped powering up all my earnings for the very first time. I just couldn't. It felt like doing so was giving my wholehearted support to the platform and community, and after being burned doing that so many years in a row, I just couldn't. So the liquid HIVE piled up.

Same thing with my tokens. Normally I sold them and powered up the HIVE. Instead, I've been letting most of them sit.

Now, a few personal milestones (see below), combined with HIVE spiking over 0.3 USD yesterday, have pushed me fully on board with Hive. Not to mention, this platform has grown and matured rapidly, and I see good things coming for us. We have left Steem behind in so many ways. All they've got now is their ninjamined stake and $30 votes to Koreans and Venezeulans posting spam - most of the actual platform is gone. My last month of posts amounts to about a dollar, whereas here on Hive it's in the 3 digits. My friends and supporters are here. It's a no-brainer, really!

And hey, I just hit 70 (reputation) here on Hive!

Plus, I'm just about to hit 1000 followers. Thank you, to all of you!

Also, I decided to power up all that tokenry sitting around. I'm keeping some Weedcash tokens and some Leo, because I support both of those communities, and appreciate their support in return. I liquidated most of the rest.

For you that may be nothing, but for me that's a massive chunk. Hell, when I first bought in with 0.2 BTC, I only got 600 tokens! I just powered up three times that much.

Now I'm over 11000, with another 1500 coming soon from the last of my STEEM in hive-engine.

Which gives me the ability to slowly generate account creation tokens, so if anyone needs a Hive account, please get in touch. Thanks to @Edicted for helping me sort that out!

It also means my upvotes are worth at least a dime each, which is nice. I think they were about 25 cents when I first bought in 3 years ago, and slowly crept downward the more I worked and earned, until a low of 3 cents a few months ago. I was almost unable to make comments hit the minimum 2 cent payout!

Now, I'm responsible for more than 1 USD worth of Hive growth every day. And this could be just the beginning.

This place aint perfect, but it's decentralized, and it's open, and censorship is almost nonexistant. I value those things. I think others are going to value those things. Free currency transfers around the world in 2 seconds? Where else can that be done? I'm honestly asking. I think we have a lot of good things going on here.

This latest crypto adoption phase is going to be incredible.

I want to be here on Hive for it!

Thank you to 3Speak, Hive-engine, Weedcash, and LeoFinance for their huge infrastructure contributions. I don't think I would still be here if they weren't.

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