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We have people that also live like this that know their problems but believe they can maintain and with time everything will just disappear, they wait till the problem eat deep, and there is nothing no one can do to help them.

The main reason why people choose to live with their problems is that there is no one to trust, no one to lean on and people are always scared to let the wrong people have information about them because it always backfires for this reason, they keep their mouth shut and we some that believe they can deal with anything life throws at them by themselves until it gets out of hands.

One thing about problems getting worst is that when it gets to a point you won't be able to hide it anymore and everything you don't want people to know will come out and if you are smart enough to keep hiding them that problem might be what takes your life.

Share or don't share

There is a saying that a shared problem is half solved but not to some people because they will only make things worst. There is no problem with sharing how we feel but we must trust that person and the person must be wise enough to provide solutions. There is no problem with keeping everything private but when you are faced with challenges you can't solve on your own it is better to share.

When faced with problems what matters is the solution whether you want to share or not is up to you but look for a solution and never let it eat you from the inside. Problems is just part of life and it will come at a certain stage it is better not to manage problem because at first it is a seed and when we give them time, they germinate.

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