Chaos legion pack top 3 monsters.

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If you have been following splinterlands you realize that chaos legion is about to burn out and immediately the team finishes burning the packs this set will increase in value but which of these is a must-have? To me, this set is very powerful but we have the top 3 must-have cards this is my opinion and I will like to listen to yours in the comments section.


Doctor blight

This card is very powerful and if you love the chaos legion set and you don't have this card you are missing a lot. This is a natural card that can fit into any battle unless the rule set does not allow it but this monster is very deadly and with every round this monster spends in a battle the more damage it does. It is a must-have and a little bit expensive but it is worth it to add to your deck.


Lily shield paw

I know some people will be shocked with this one but this monster is very powerful and it is a must-have for everyone playing splinterlands, We have some amazing summoners from this set but this one is very special because you can determine how you want a game to turn out. I agree with you that this is not as powerful as some of the summoners we have already but this is not far behind too.

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Queen mycelia

I call this monster king of lower mana, this card will win battles for you because of its amazing abilities. I know some people will say that this is not among the top cards in chaos legion but if you have been playing splinterlands, especially at a higher level you know it is a must-have.


These are my top 3 in the chaos legion set, it was tough choosing because monster-like chaos dragon is also powerful but in my opinion I believe these three are better. What is your random pick?

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