Easy to say but hard to execute

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We have so many business ideas that are easy to do on paper but when you try to do them they are very hard. We have one with crypto which is very popular and as a newbie in crypto that might be the first thing you learn which is to buy low and sell high. Everybody knows this and for this reason, you might think we should all probably be rich in crypto but that is not the case.

We have so many simple knowledge like that could have change our lives but one or two things are stopping us. We all know when to buy a coin which is during the bear market but we know most coin transaction reduce in bear and we hardly see people building their portfolio during this time but we tend to put in more energy during the bullish market.

Bullish market comes with abundance and it is always easy for any novice to invest then because they believe that the market will always go up and they can become a millionaire overnight and at the end of the day the don't always make good return out of their capital. We have some that won't buy during the bull and bear because they feel the market is already going up and they should wait for the bearish market. When the bear comes they are scared to invest their money or waiting till it reach bottom low and they end up losing out on both season.

Easy to say

This is easy to say and very hard to execute because so many things are in play in this situation, We have our emotions and our money which they are the things that takes time to control and that is why we will always have weak hands in crypto and it does not matter how much year you have spent in crypto if you have not mastered to control your emotions you are destiny to fail. By learning how to control this we won't be selling times we suppose to buy or vice visa.

We have so many financial facts that are very difficult to execute but we must put in the work and change our lives. Nothing is easy especially in finance but we must be consistent enough to execute it.

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