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I have been asking people about money lately and I realized that 80% of these people I talk to want a stable income. Money is one of the most important things in life and most human beings' primary goal is to have a stable income because when you have a stable income majority of your problems are solved and you can also live the life you want but to achieve a stable income is not always the problem sometimes it is us.

We all want unlimited money but what are we doing to get this money, you see people talking about the importance of money in their life but there are doing nothing. We have many people that are doing nothing and expecting a miracle. I know we have places like Africa where things are not easy and even if you have a good mindset you might still end up suffering but so many people are already using that as an excuse not to do anything.

One thing about life is that excuses won't change anything and instead of making excuses we must focus on building our life to meet our goal of attending a stable income. After changing our mindset toward money, we must never stop trying new things.

So many people want to start big, waiting for big opportunities, and in the absence of big opportunities they don't do anything but to attained stable income we must try different things, starting small and building different networks of income, stable income is built on trying different things and living with the consequences.

Life is not easy but people have excuses in different forms that stop them from starting, if you want to be financially stable you must be willing and not make excuses, if something doesn't work try another thing.

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