Finally, I bought conqueror jack 😍

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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

In one of my previous, I share how I have upgraded most of my chaos legions monsters up to gold level because that is where want to compete today I make a bold move by also adding to my collection and I bought level 3 conqueror jack summoner to upgrade my fire deck.


Conqueror jack is a card I have been longing to buy because of its abilities and I am very happy that God gave me the power to be able to purchase it. The cost 142$ from the market and It was not up to this before but because of the sudden rise of dec the price of some chaos legions monsters has increased dramatically and jack was one of them.


conqueror jack is not the card only I upgraded because I thought of cards that could go well with it and I decided to go for my only lava launcher, this card is very cheap and very powerful too being a reward card jack makes it very powerful.

Battle of the day



Battle link

Battle line up


    Venari heatsmith

I use this monster as my tank because of it void amor which means it will work well against any forms of attack. 3 armor and 4 health in low mana battles is huge.


 Scavo chemist 

I love scavo at higher level because it works well with almost any strategy but I used it here just to take hits from the enemy monster.


  Scavo firebolt

This monster is very good for low mana fight because of it attack, one of the first few card I upgraded, very good for low mana with right strategy.


 Djinn apprentice 

I love this for low mana too because of it high magic damage that is the main reason why i use it foe the line up.

Focus chest


The season is still early and reward is still average but i expect better pull later as the season progresses.

Thanks for your time.

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