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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

My battle of the day was a low-mana fight against one of my favorite fire monster summoners conqueror Jacek, immediately I saw the summoner I knew the battle won't be an easy one because of the ability of this legendary Jack.

My summoner


I used tarsa at level six because of this monster's ability plus one melee attack and one health. Anytime I use tarsa I make sure I used melee monsters to benefit from the plus one melee to make my lineup formidable.

My tank


Antoid platoon is a very good low mana monster with a shield ability and scavenger which means each time any monster dies it will gain one health. When any monster with a shield comes up against melee monsters plus one health is like adding two health because it will take two melee damage to remove one health.

Semi tank


Radiated brute is a nice semi-tank because of its enrage ability and three attacks which will make it six when damaged by the enemy



Tenyii striker, Scavo firebolt, and scorch fiend. Tenyii has a melee attack with a dodge ability and with a sneak ability to deal with those back monsters. Scavo firebolt cost just 4 mana with 3 attacks and five health which makes it perfect in this setup. Fiend is cost zero mana and this monster is there just to take one or two damage at the back.

My focus

I use to hate merit before but now I love it because of the guild, I want to accumulate more so that I can be competitive.


Battle link:



Thanks for your time.



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