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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

Which league do you prefer? I know most people with small accounts will choose the modern league because it is easy to claim up in the league, with just... Thousand cp you be in silver and if you spend small money you will find yourself in the gold league but the cost is crazy.

You will agree with me that modern gold leagues are just so crowded with players and sometimes the reward of silver modern and gold modern leagues is almost the same thing and making the gold league so tough and getting tougher every day. The same can be said about the wild silver league before chaos legion bronze was the crazies but now wild silver leagues are no going area.

How to beat the competition.

The only way to beat this crazy competition is through rentals, for modern leagues you only need good summoners because we are playing with almost the same cards they are no point in trying to upgrade but get yourself good summoners to surprise your opponent.

You can easily predict your opponent's strategy even without having any information about them, same cards but what can give them an edge is the level of the card and if you rent good summoners for this league can win more matches you can try it.

Battle of the day






Cursed windeku is a great tank especially if you upgrade it till you unleash its healing ability, with three attacks, thorn, and heal it means every time it heals it is a five damage against melee monsters which can determine your win easily just as he did here.

Semi tank


Riftwing is another monster that I love for its abilities, with backfire, flying, and scavenger this monster is just too good and I use it in a low mana fight.



Silent sha-vi, life sapper, and soul strangler have almost the same thing in common which is high damage. Silent sha-vi with a sneak attack and cripple kill gently from the back, sapper and stranger do the damage from the front.

Focus chest


This season has been great in terms of pulling cards from my focus reward and a few days ago I still pull out the legendary card and now another gold card, can't wait to share my season reward.

Battle link

Thanks for your time.

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