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If you have been playing splinterland for while you will know that one of the terrible mistakes you will make is playing against the ruleset. You might be lucky sometimes by winning a few battles but all in all, it is a terrible idea to play against it. I know some might argue because sometimes a rule gives you a perfect idea of what your opponent's monster selection might be and you can counter it and catch them with a surprise.

Sometimes when I'm in a hurry to set up my monsters for a battle I do forget about the ruleset which most times doesn't always turn out well. I believe if the ruleset is not the game it would be too straightforward and with time people find it boring. I don't know if you notice splinterlands added some new rulesets lately.

Battle of the day



Battle link

For this ruleset this card adelade brightwing is my favorite because it has fly which means the earthquake will not affect it and immune that is it can't be poisoned. I believe the price is 8$ Which is kinda expensive.




This summoner is so underrated because looking at it doesn't amuse anybody or blessed with special abilities but I have been using with some amazing cards and this is awesome.


Uriel the perifier

Uriel the perifier is my tank because the rule is poison and these monsters all have the flying ability which makes it even stronger for this battle.


adelade brightwing

adelade brightwing is very good and I used it to help Uriel repair its armor and resurrect uriel which works perfectly well.


Time mage

Time mage slow ability is always very useful when you are expecting an opponent with speed like water deck and also the rust ability.


Pelacor arbalest

I used this monster because I need more attacks, a monster with more damage.


Stitch leech

This monster is also known for its damage to the back lineup and also for life leech.


Spirit hoarder

This monster has the triage ability and this is fit for a poison ruleset.

354C9FF89BCC4DB6A9DF53AB450319D2.jpeg Focus chest

My focus chest reward this season is not that great but we still have days left for this season and anything can still happen I just hope my season reward is better.

Thanks for your time.

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