Forget the old ECR system, the new ECR will change alot

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A new energy system is coming to splinterlands and I am very sure this will change how people approach the game and I believe this will also limit the power of bots in the game.

The reward system of splinterlands is very complicated and till now I did not force myself to have a full understanding of it and all I know is that the lower your ECR goes the lesser you earn. What you will earn when your ECR is 100% is different from what you will earn when your ECR is 50℅ but all of that is changing now.

Most people use up their ECR till like 50% not because of their earnings because it would have reduced drastically but burn ECR because of ranking and play many matches they can, now you get to earn 100% reward irrespective of the percentage of your ECR and you now get to play fewer matches.

Now you burn one energy per battle and it takes 1hour to reload which means you can only play 24 battles per day, we will be playing lesser battles and earn a 100% reward if you win but you can also buy more ECR now which makes a lot of sense.

The idea now is to win and if you can meet your daily target win you can buy more energy by burning dec. Another reason why they make this change is to reduce the number of battles bots are playing because one of the advantages of bots is that they play more than humans and with this, they go higher in ranking battles and earn more rewards.

To me this is a massive change to splinterland and will change the way we approach the game and also reduce the impact of both and another opportunity to burn more dec, this is a massive change and I love it.

To know more about this system go here

What do you think about this?

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