Hbd will change the world

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I have talked about hbd savings in the past and how it is changing people's lives on hive. The sweetest part about hbd saving is that too many people don't know about it yet and compounding 20% of my money every year is the deal of the century. I had 10k hbd in my savings but when the opportunity of growing my hive power came knocking I took it without thinking.

One of the opportunities hbd gave us all was positioning us to strike a better deal in bear market. Holding hbd was one the best thing that happened to me last year because I was able to e accomplish my 50k hive power. most times when the market drop hard I don't always have the fund to buy immediately but with hbd saving, I was able to invest at a discount rate.

10k hbd

20% interest on 10k might seems like nothing in some part of the world but in Africa that is lot of money and can carry a whole family properly without a problem. the fact that hbd is stable and it can save some parts of the world especially Africa from inflations, where people are seeing their currency going down every day will prefer saving with hbd and on top of that it gives 20% interest can save so many africans lives.

Having 10k dollars in savings is a difficult thing to achieve from Africa because of bad currency. No job and also opportunities are very limited but the opportunity hive is giving us is that even if you struggle to make dollar in your country you can start something here by targeting 10k hbd. 10k interest which is 200 dollars per month will do a lot in some part of the world.


Hbd saving in places like africa is definitely an amazing opportunity and a life changing opportunity, the monthly can do a lot to eradicate poverty in this region. Hive is already changing the world.

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