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So much is happening in the current season of crypto because of ftx drama some people already fear investing in crypto and is not their fault if we look at this present bearish season is not as bad as the 2018 bearish market. We now have many projects out there promising fake returns, manipulating the media to buy into their shitty project. Using influencers to advertise and mislead people.

If you look at the top 100 market cap of 2018 and the ones of now the difference is there and it is only a few of that coins that are still in the top 100 market cap. So many people dump some of these projects because they want to buy early into another project and now most of these projects are failing in a bearable bear market. Most of these shitty coins don't stand a chance in 2018 bear. People are losing money and don't know what to trust again.

So many terrible events like luna happened this year which shows that we must do proper research when investing and it doesn't matter whether the coin is top 100 market cap or not. I know sometimes it is human nature to gamble but not with our hard earn money. Doing research and stick what we believe in.

I choose hive/Leo

Hive has been around for a long time and this project is getting better every day. Hive is one of those few coins doing well in this bearish market, and there has been a lot of development on hive which makes the future of hive even brighter. This is one of a few projects I trust in crypto. Hive security is top notch and not only that, you are given different keys to protect your asset, and if your account a compromise the 13weeks power down will keep your account safe.

Another thing that makes hive powerful is the community and this has been what gives hive power over the years, every day the community becomes stronger and hive has benefited from this and a loyal community like hive is what many projects lack. The power of community is what hive to overcome its biggest problem (Justin sun). Do your own research.

Thanks for your time.

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