Keep making effort, the change is coming

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read


I have been in conversation with people about how they make a lot of money, some of them are sure they make their money but some don't just understand how they are making a lot of money. Some people classified it as luck and some will just keep telling you is God.

I believe God does bless people but I don't believe in complete luck or miracle money, I believe for every reaction their always an action. Before anything good happens to you their something you doing right but the mistake people made is that the little thing counts as nothing matters.

We people that don't have anything but they will always help in every way we can and to them is nothing but to people outside it is something, all these little things matter to them, and from there they see people that genuinely want to help them.

All matters

Effort matters and to us, it might be small but effort adds up one way or the other. Sometimes efforts trying to make new friends alone could change someone's life. What matters when making effort is never to stop because, in the end, we will reap every effort we sow.

The same goes for succeeding on hive, some people will just tell you to keep posting without telling you to make any effort but making effort on hive by commenting, engaging and even chatting with off the chain in discord or Twitter can go a long way in your success but some people it is nothing but it all add up.

One thing about effort is that miracle doesn't happen instantly, they take time but it is always worth it at the end of the day. Some people give up because they don't see the result instantly but what is important is to never stop trying and even if we stop nothing will change.


Keep making effort and never stop trying to give it your best even if it seems no change has happened it take time before we see changes but when they come they are significant to change someone's life.

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