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Playing splinterlands is easy but learning how to grow and build gradually is something that is demanding and one of those things, most people find demanding is mastering the ranks battles. The rank battle is very important and one of the best ways to earn passively in the game because you get potions, cards, and sps which is the splinterland token.

I have been enjoying my time playing rank battles but what makes rank battles so unique and difficult is the uncertainty of the ruleset and mana of the game which changes almost all the time, this gives everybody in the game challenges because without it the game will be one-way traffic and will be too easy and later get boring.

What gives both old and new players challenges is the low mana battles, which resist you from using most of your favorite monsters and stick with monsters that have almost no abilities and low health. As a new player, you are always confused about the one you should use but as an old player you don't cherish the low mana cards and prefer to invest in the big boys


There is no problem in investing in the big boys because you get more high mama battles as you move from one league to another but low mama cards are cheap and are very useful. What gave me so many challenges at first was the low mana battle but later I realized I’m not a bad player I choose not to invest these cards and it cost me greatly.

I see some players try to use high cards for low mana battles which work sometimes but don’t work most of the time and this set of people overlook low mana cards because of health and sometimes spend or attack and so on.

Ever since I upgrade most of my low mana cards my winning rate for low many battles increased and now totally have balance in my deck and my strategy. Low mana cards might not look great at level one but when you upgrade them you will find out that they are very powerful at their space which is the low mana battles.

Thanks for your time.

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