Money don't change people.

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Money is powerful and most people believe money can change us easily. This theory is mostly believed in Africa where people expect changes in you immediately after you started making money.

The best way to make money is to create value and immediately you started creating value you will be in demand, people will want you and most of your time will be dedicated to making because that is the most important thing in life and this might limit your time with friends and family.

At this level, you did not change and you are still the same person but most of your time is now going to something productive, things that will better your life, and This same person that is complaining about the change will understand if you are living in a big city.

Most people don't even know what they are capable of doing not until they have money, money does not change us it only gives us the freedom to express what we are. Money will not put evil thoughts in your mind or make you less kind or make you impossible to reach but it will definitely limit some things and also give you opportunities to do something better.

The road

The truth is that we have so many people that lost themselves when they are trying to make money, some of these people are breaking into pieces and when they have the money they struggle to put the pieces together. Some of this people are dealing dangerous people and their minds and is already messed and everything that defined them dies with their old life. We handle things differently and no matter what the struggle put some people through they never shake or fold.

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