Plan ahead and not prove a point

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read


One of the mistake people normally do is trying to prove a point, especially trying to prove that they are financially capable. There is nothing bad in buying what we can afford with our money because we work hard for it and we deserve it but the truth is can we sustain it?

We use our money to gather so many liabilities and in the end, it always affects our progress. Some of us are business owners and immediately we started earning money through the business we don't plan to grow the business instead we buy things that will hinder our growth and all in the name of trying to prove a point.


When some people are broke nobody sees them, and they develop themself silently, instead of this set of people to keep it this way when everything that working out for them they choose to invite pressure on themselves by proving to people how big or wealthy they are.

Instead of them choosing how they grow their businesses, improve their knowledge, and create more sources of income to become comfortable we choose pressure just to show off. When you improve yourself, and expand your business you are only planning long-term which is a good thing.


Planning long-term without inviting any pressure on ourselves is the best way to live life, it makes building easy but trying to prove a point to people that do not give a f**k about you in the first place is just dumb. Some money speaks for itself and it is because you can afford anything a million times when you add them to your collection.

Playing the long-term game is always the best way to utilize money, short term praise will turn to memory. Enjoy your money but as you so plan well and don't do too much.

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