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As a man it always feels like we are programmed to suffer, immediately you enter this world you will certainly carry some responsibility in the future and if you are lucky enough not to inherit responsibility you will create some for yourself if you are the type that avoids been responsible people will make it seems don't have a life.

In Africa where some men are trying hard to be responsible but it is hard because you need a lot more to be responsible because there are no jobs, broken families, bad governments, and so on. the question most men ask is why are always men and why so much pressure.

Pressure on men is getting so much and year after year we have more men committing suicide every day because they can't hide from it and they have to face life. In Africa, nothing is helping to ease this pressure even society is making things worst.

We must not forget that some people thrive under this pressure and they are doing so well but in our present world, we celebrate people that can absorb this pressure and also makes them better. It is better to find a way to live with pressure and not consume by it.

Way of life

If we look at the way the world is operating we realize that pressure is part of life and if you're not ready for the pressure you are not ready to live. We cannot change the fact that pressure on men is too much but as men, that is one of the first things we must discover which is a way to live with pressure and also absorb it and use the energy to do or create something productive.

The truth is that if you don't accept pressure you might not get anything done and to accept pressure simply means you accept being a man. Presently if you don't want pressure you might not get the life you dream of.

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