Save yourself by investing.

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It was said that people are programmed to save in banks so that their money can be lent out to make multiple times their money. Some people believe this theory because it all makes sense and that is why many prefer to bury their money instead of saving in Africa. Some of these people believe something could happen to the bank and they might lose all their money.

Saving money is good but what is the point of making money when you can not double it, we are in a world where we need money in our everyday lives, and if we make money and save it alone their a high tendency that when an emergency like health issues and some other things showed up all our saving might finish.

We you visioned limitless money saving alone won't do, you have to put the money to work. We grow a little older every day and the work we can do today we won't be able to do in the next few years. To ease ourselves from pressure and workload we must put our money to work.

Investment is the key

Instead of banks using your money as a business you can do that yourself by investing. One thing about investment is that you must be smart with it. Saving is good because you don't have to worry about any risk but you might be able to save enough that will save you and that is why you need investment.

Save yourself from the bank's salary and risk your money by yourself, that is what crypto stands for and never too late to use those savings in crypto where your money can truly work for you because you can't be young forever.

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