Splinterlands: having a good season

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read

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Splinterland this season for me has been amazing and I love the fact that I am playing in the diamond league. To those following my post, you will realize that I was playing at gold league before but I have been upgrading my deck gradually because I know that the money is at the upper level.

We have too many players in lower levels and the reward is been shared among them which makes it difficult to earn something tangible in lower leagues that is why it is better to play at a higher level and I am happy to enter the diamond league.

The problem I am having now is that 50% of my deck is in gold level and the remaining 50% is in silver I should have to wait till the last minute of the season before I advance into diamond and I just hope I can hang on but in the quest to earn more chest, I decided to advance early.

This season is working out well for me as I have already earned 43 gold chests for season rewards and we still have six days remaining. By the end of the season, we should make like 60 which will be amazing. I know by next season I will probably earn better because I will earn a diamond chest as a season reward.

My focus now is to keep upgrading my deck till I can reach diamond league 1 because I know diamond will be sustainable.

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