Splinterlands: season rewards

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read


Splinterland is getting interesting every day and because the land will be moving soon I have been having the urge to buy more cards, I have been feeling I don't have much time left to buy cards but here is soulbound making that reality possible.

The land will change many things and I am very sure most of the reward that has little value will increase in price. I know I don't have buying power now but with soulbond and the little I can buy this will help me when the land is here. The season ends yesterday and throughout last season I earn 62 amazing gold chests.

I pulled out several soulbonds which is exactly what I want now, People are talking about soulbonds having value in years but think about how much we could make if are using them on land. The next big thing in splinterlands is land and soulbond is a perfect fit. Anybody thinking about how to earn a long time and see themselves in the future of splinter lands will plan we must start now by acquiring more cards for what is coming.

The plan this season is to earn more chest because now I am earning diamond chest as a season and I should have better pull than last season which simply means more soulbond cards and better tradable pull.

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