Splinterlands: the new ECR system

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

If you have been playing splinterlands recently you will notice that there has been a change in many things and most importantly the energy capture rate system. The formal ECR system was not good for many reasons but the most important reason I saw there was the bots were taken advantage of it because it allow bots to play more games and doing this means two things which are they get to earn more rewards than actual players and the other is that they can easily go higher in the league ranking.

The truth is bot farming also plays its part in the economy of splinterlands but not like real players and to encourage more players to play the game the real players should always earn more than the bots and this will bring about more real players playing and investing in the game but the last ECR helps bots to play better and earn better which many people don't agree with.

The recent change in ECR reduces the number of games bots can play and gives equal opportunities to both real players and bots. Now you can play a limited game with maximum rewards. The new ECR system feels like every other web2 game where you burn one ECR per game and it takes 24 hours to refill after playing 24 games but with the former ECR, you can play up to 40 games which gives people opportunities to play in the wild and modern league at the same time but that will be difficult to do now and you have stuck with one league now.

New system with more rewards.


One thing about former ECR is that even though you have winning streaks you might not still earn something tangible but only move higher in the league and you can't make it to the top 30 league ranking because that is where the money from ranking is but with the new system you just have to win games and to get maximum reward.

I am currently at diamond league one and the new system has helped me to earn 35 pretty solid diamond chests I have been earning more sps in the process. The new system means you must upgrade your cards to win more battles and get more rewards. I believe this new ECR will encourage more people to play and invest in the game. Bot will still exist but we now have equal opportunities all you have to do is have a strong monster with good strategy.

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