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We all want that fancy car, mansion, and a great family on top of that steady income. You see people working every day of their life and not just to get money alone but to have what I call stability. Stability to all of us is defined differently because we have what we hold important differently and you can't blame them for that, We are wired differently.

Stability is quite different from stable income because stability brings about the abundance of everything we want and need. Some people agree that a lot of money will bring about stability to their lives but some people will disagree because not only money matters to their stability they need many other things.

Some ladies will mention a man that loves them and some men will mention a woman that can take of the family as part of those things that bring about their stability because no amount of money they have something won't be right if they don't have everything that matters to them. You will see a rich man that has so much money and his life is still miserable because he does not have a woman in his life everything seems incomplete,

Stability is about those things that bring about happiness and our true self and most people believe it is just money but when they attain money the void of other things that they need will be wide open and the truth is if you get one without the other you will not always be satisfied. Some people even believe the word stability can never be attained but we can have something close to it.

People believe stability is one big lie we tell each other every day because there is a belief that no one has it all. Stability is what we think it is and we don't have to have it all to attain this we just have to find happiness in things that God put in our care, stability comes from the heart and not from everything we have.

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