Stick with what you know

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I am one of those people that are always scared to jump into new projects, this is not because of fear it is because I love sticking with what I know which I can say has done a lot of good to me and some bad. This nature in the past has helped me to avoid scam projects, some promising projects that end up crashing, and helped me to use my money more wisely.

Sticking with what you know is good but not always too good, sometimes when I come across a great project instead of me throwing some cash into it I will rather use the money to grow on things I have already invested in but sometimes those projects grow bigger and successfully and I missed opportunities.

Most times things I put my money into are things people I trusted have tried and it worked out for them, m and if I want to invest in those projects I will still be careful for a couple of months. Sticking with what you know is a sword because you can never be always right or always wrong.

Where are the opportunities at

People looking for opportunities don't always have this mentality and that is why it is always poor people mostly get scammed and people that let go of opportunities are mostly rich and that is why it is always easy to stick with what has been working for you. You can't tell a person living in extreme poverty to stick with what they know when it is obvious they have to try it all till something work.

Sticking with what you know sometimes limit us and that is why it is important to be able to identify opportunity and try it because investing all your hard earn money in one project is very risky.

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