We deserve a bull run

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

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I am not surprised by the way people are reacting to the news these days because what of crazy shit has been going on in crypto since last year. The luna event is still in people's hearts and the fix is what brings about trust issues to so many people.

We can't blame anybody for having second thoughts about the project and trying to prevent themself from bankrupt, many things have happened since last year and some of us are just trying to mend our wounds.

When the used price was going down it was easy for me and immediately I enter Twitter everything I saw there makes me put an eye on my portfolio even though 100% of my holdings are not moved by the market condition I was observing.

The good and the ugly

Have been busy all day and immediately I Leo finance I saw different posts about market recovery which gave me relief. I know after 5years in crypto I should be surprised when is doing is a thing but when the market is going down for bad reasons I don't like it and this will be the time I will be moved by everything that happened in crypto lately.

Crypto space is not getting harder every day and I believe we all deserve a bull run most importantly don't invest in a project you don't have full belief in because we don't know maybe things will get easier from here or messy. I just feel some people are pulling these tricks to spoil crypto but is getting stronger day by day.

I know the market is back up now and btc is now 26k and everything seems as if nothing happened but we must never forget to use all these recent events to grow stronger in crypto, they can't shake us.

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