What are you doing for hive/Leo?

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Every project needs investors, and no matter how good a project if you don't have investors it will not reach its full potential. Most times as small investors we buy into a project not because of its present value but because of its future value but to but make a project great is collective work from every investor, worker, and anybody involved.

Last year on Twitter we have so many shitcoin that was trending, it was obvious that these coins has no future and people still use their hard earn money to buy them because it was so popular, and every single person that bought those coins was involved in advertising it on trending tweet.

the price of that coin was getting better and people were making money out of it because the movement was crazy people just throwing money at it but immediately the bear market hit hard all those shitcoin prices dropped to zero but if it were to be a good project that is how collective effort would have made it successful.

What are doing for hive?

Marketing is one the most important aspect of businesses and immediately you invest in a project you should automatically be the marketer because every little thing you do matters. Every tweet and every person you tell the good news will add up in the future.

The same goes for us on hive, ever since I joined in 2018 I can count a few people I introduce to hive and they are doing well for themselves. If you check my Twitter handle you will not see another thing other than hive and Leo.

Promoting hive/Leo should be our focus, if hive gets the recognition that it deserves we will all be in a better place, I believe if we all see hive as our business and promote it to the world at large success will be ours.

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