Will dec return to peg with this proposal

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Some people don't understand why splinterlands need to have dec peg back, the recent effort shows how desperate they want it at the peg and if you check the splinterland proposal in the game you will see a lot of people against some of this proposal to burn dec

A recent proposal in splinterlands for dec

  • Price riftwatcher pack in dec

  • Price validator node licenses in dec

Some of the reasons I came across is that if we price the validators node license in dec this will reduce the value of the license and this does not make sense for those that bought it early and it will drop in value for them. The same thing goes with riftwatcher because some people are still ready to pay a lot of dec to buy just a pack.

The effort continues to bring dec to its peg and there is already a new proposal on @sps.dao already to remove dec from the liquidity provider rewards which will reduce the o dec mint by 90% and it will be replaced with sps. If this proposal passes over 70 million dec will be cut off and it makes up about 90% of the total dec per month.

This will bring about a massive pump to dec and the price should make it up to its peg in no time with this proposal. I believe this will pass and dec going back to its peg won't be a problem.

Season reward


My season reward is not bad and I believe this new season will be better. I pullout some legendary reward card for my focus chest last I'm hoping to do the same this season.

Thanks for your time

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