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Revolutionizing gaming


While we want to promise a Triple A game with a sitting on the edge of your seat experience of mouse dragging and keyboard smashing what we can offer is an early opportunity to get into a complex economy while this dream is developed. Whether you want to invest early or not is not advised here just updates of what is going on and some SEO content for the web.

A planned out complex earning environment for every gamer like free to play mobile gamers ready to pay pennies a day in upgrades here and there to rent your NFTs for power ups to play against some AI and get top scores to be displayed on your many screens and billboards on your land. You might also rent out advertising space on these screens, what ideas for land do you have and how many plots do you own?

Psyber-X is going to be an experience unlike what you’ve played in most first-person shooter games with a risk based tournament options, free to low cost brawling tournaments and long term mmo rpg metaverse plans continue to evolve.

Utilizing play to earn mechanics we are bringing the power of blockchain and crypto into the gaming world by developing very complex logic into our NFTs utilizing them on our mini game Psyber Sects and Psyber-X.

Want to battle with people around the world while earning cryptocurrency? How about a turn based game we launch as a mini game of sorts that utilizes several in game NFTs and LVL Token? Psyber Sects is on the way, look out!

As Bob said "In currently available FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (third person shooter) games, you can buy in-game currency from the game maker. They get your money in exchange for a strictly in-game currency that stays in-game forever. You use the in-game currency to buy in-game items that stay in the game forever yet your item typically is temporary. We’re changing that. With Psyber-X, we are using the power of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to enhance your gaming experience. For the average person who doesn’t understand NFTs, there are many posts that explain how they work. This one is our favorite. 😊 For our game, by owning an image that is linked to the Hive blockchain (that’s an NFT), our game recognizes the blockchain code and your ownership and gives you benefits inside the game while you play. If you want to buy, rent, or sell NFTs that Psyber-X makes, you will not just have a pretty picture like nearly 99% of the NFTs that exist (and pretty is being kind). You will have a use for your digital property."

In my terms you are buying a NFT with utility and not based off ponzinomics!

More from Bob


In many games available today, you can also shoot other people and delight in their demise. In Psyber-X, we reward you with in game currency called Level 1, or LVL, that can also be exchanged for out of game currency, even to the point that your LVL can be exchanged for your own fiat currency. This simply means I could play the game and accumulate enough LVL that I could take my wife out for a nice dinner, make a car payment, or maybe even make my house payment. The point is you have the possibility of earning money by playing Psyber-X.

The Game’s Premise

Psyber-X is a cyber punk-themed battle royale with many other battle types that will be phased in as we continue developing the game. You are in the land of Zeelis. Terrible things have happened, and factions have been built, each resisting the other. Robots have become common place and have been programmed to attack human life. Not only will you be fighting others, you’ll be running from indestructible robots found in the game. These robots like to corral players to a common stable, if you will…and they shoot to kill. Your goal is to be the last one standing. If you knock off another player, no matter where they are around the world, you will earn LVL based on what was required to enter the game. If you’re playing a free round, you may not earn anything. If you enter a sponsored battle, you’ll earn a fraction of what was anted up on each player’s behalf. If you enter a battle where each player anted up a predetermined amount, whether it was 0.025 LVL or 1000 LVL, you’ll get that portion when you off an opponent. This game will be an exhilarating experience. You won’t want to go back to those other games.

What about the graphics?

We at Royal Reptile Studios have been working hard. We have hired 3D artists and blockchain developers to make this a cutting edge experience. We started out using Unity assets, like most teams that make a game. Their graphics are good, but they’re not Great. We’re going for What THE… In a few weeks, we will be opening up the map where the battles will take place to all those who have Founders NFTs. This includes Tiers 1-3 who have been with us since the beginning and Land Barons who either purchased a Commercial Plot or 15 Founder Starter Kits, which are only available until 13 May 2022. This Founders tour of the game map will be the first time anyone has seen our battlefield in all its glory. There will not be any guns at first. We have our teams building and developing the interactivity of the world; however, you will get to the first glimpse into what gaming on the Hive blockchain will become.

Setting The Scene:

A sneak peek into the cyberpunk world shows a Center of Commerce that doubles as a tourist destination. The once beautiful edifice stands covered in rot from top to bottom and now as a shadow of its prime years. Although it's a shining façade that conceals the horror, the reality of it being a battleground stares people in the face. Everyone tries to be the next master of Zeelis. Bandits, outlaws, rogue robots, mechs, and other villains fight in the open for a battle of supremacy. These and more reveal the highlights of the game.


Psyber-X will feature NFTs in the form of power up cards (Experience boosts, speed boosts, killstreaks, shields, enhancers, etc.), weapons, cosmetics, and housing (In phase 2 this will be very important for housing). LVL earned through battles, selling NFTs, or renting NFTs can be exchanged for Hive or through bridges to Ethereum and other well known coins.

In the Community

Why Hive?

Hive has a community much like a family, you’ve got to get your squabbles settled somehow! In a family, you may kick your brother where it counts or throw down on the family rug. The best thing we could think of was to put some digital weaponry in your hands and let you fight it out like real family! It also doesn’t hurt that Hive has feeless transactions on a blockchain that has proven to record those transactions quickly. Why wouldn’t we choose Hive? It wouldn’t make sense for us to go anywhere else. We’ll build bridges to other communities, but our game is on Hive! We have bridged to and minted on Avalanche already with NFTs minted on Polygon as well as omni chain plans so stick around.

Phase 1

The Gameplay starts in Phase 1. Players will be unleashed on a cyberpunk city with up to 50vs50 matches, or a free for all. Players will have had to pick their load out before entering into the game. Their load out will widely depend on the amount of weapons/armor they have been able to accumulate so far. Though you can find weapons and armor on the map that you’ll be able to use just during that battle (Not permanent, as you must have the NFT to be able to use it permanently), there will be many people scrounging for the best gear that is available to get on the map. Some players will have a bigger advantage, so be careful where you step.

There will be AI robots (and a giant mech that will be walking the streets...he’s invincible) that are thrown into combat that will be seeking to kill you, so there will be many enemies to be watching out for. They will not be overpowered. Their purpose is to corral people into a central location to complete a battle. If they kill you, the LVL earned will be pooled to create battles that are free to enter where players will have a chance to earn LVL they either lost before or to earn LVL they never had in the first place (A TRUE free-to-play and play-to-earn game).

As you get the upper hand and start to kill your opponents, you will start to unlock kill streaks. Kill streaks will unlock on their own as you pick people off, creating power needed to charge them. Kill streaks will also be NFTs available for purchase through the Marketplace that you can charge up by equipping it before you enter the battlefield. You will have one life in this combat arena, so make it count. The only way to get back into the same battle to get your revenge will be to ante up again. Otherwise, you’ll wait for the next battle.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the MMO aspect will take hold. Players will have the liberty to be an officer working for the peace of the land. They can take up any role of interest ranging from teachers, DJs, or entertainers. Players are also at liberty to rebuild their version of the city but only as overlords. Whoever has the most power will reign supreme. We will dedicate 2 teams to different sides of the project. One team will continue to develop phase 1, and add to it with player's feedback. Team two will start to build out the much bigger vision for PSYBER X. Phase 2 will be the open world MMO cyberpunk game. Development of phase 2 can take upwards of a year, but will be funded by the players who are actively playing on the game platform (phase 1). Phase 2 will take a much larger amount of money and will cost upwards of $500,000-$1,000,000 to complete.

Beyond Phase 2

After phase 2 is completed, we will have 3 teams. Team one and team two will continue to expand on phase 1&2, team three will build out other games that will use LVL as a tool, and further spread the ecosystem. All of these items can happen quicker or slower depending on the amount of popularity and growth Psyber-X receives.


We believe that very soon, millions will be playing PSYBER X and we will be enabled to build out further into the HIVE and LVL ecosystems. I believe with the help of the community we can make this dream a reality. Thank you again for being with us this far!


By purchasing LVL Token, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although LVL is a community driven DeFi Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and are not investments.

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  • Name: Psyber-X
  • Type: Alpha- P2E Battle royale Beta- Metaverse openworld RPG
  • Network: Hive
  • Supply: 500,000,000 LVL with -1% left of 50% allocation in Phase I distribution
  • Twitter Followers:1,000
  • Discord Followers: 1,750
  • Mint Price: 0 USD - Hive is zero fee blockchain with lightning speed, prime for gaming
  • Founder Demo: June 30
  • White Paper:
  • Website: https://www.psyber-x.com/
  • Social Links: https://linktr.ee/psyberx
  • Bridge to Avalanche: https://psyberswaps.com/
  • Psyber-X Marketplace: https://psyberxmarket.com/

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