Several New Hive Game Projects Part II

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Cannabis Critters are NFTs on the Wax & Hive Blockchains, that are backed by real world assets (Cannabis) and can be swapped for real cannabis in the amount that they represent as per the "Weight" attribute assigned to the NFT. All of this is in accordance with local law. Our cannabis is donated from local caregivers in Michigan. You must only be present in Michigan to claim your real world assets you DO NOT need to be a resident of Michigan. This allows anyone from around the world to purchase and collect these NFTs and gain exposure to real world marijuana markets regardless of where you live.


Cannabis Critters are coming to the Weedcash Network on the HIVE blockchain! Starting on 4/20 everyone will be able to purchase Cannabis Critters with WEED tokens for %50 off on the Weedcash Network NFT marketplace! Get twice as many Cannabis Critters and grow your stash! Roadmap includes play to earn gaming integration! Cannabis Critters HomePage

Buy Cannabis Critters NFTs @ WEEDCash.Network or WAX
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I onboarded @cannabiscritters from DappRadar Discord as they ignored his questions I helped him into WEED Cash discord where they made some nice collaborations and he has minted NFTs that go on sale 50% off today in WEED Cash Network NFT Market

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Develop unique turn-based battle mechanics Multi-platform cross chain integration Stable financial vault for customers Free to play Mobile game version Supreme long life tokenomics Game assets auxiliary specifications Versatile P2E gameplay P2P NFT market

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Crossworlds is a blockchain-based MMO game that operates using smart contract interaction between every game asset to provide self-sufficient gameplay mechanics and economics. There are three key directions of roleplay that players can choose from for their own preference or even all of them together at the same time such as mining, crafting, and fighting. Game tokenomics are built in a way to give users freedom: diverging owned game assets control on the market and between players, which allows them to create their own earning strategy inside the game which naturally decentralizes game ownership

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Ragnarok is an NFT based deck builder strategy game in which the game starts as a game of Chess featuring gods, titans, and legendary beings as your chess pieces. When pieces meet on the board, these gods battle with a deep 1v1 turn-based strategic combat system where the last God, titan, or being standing wins.


Strategic PayToEarn deck builder set in a mythological setting with magic and medieval weapons featuring gods from all times. At the start, Norse mythology, the home of Ragnarok, will be the ones starting the fight. However, Ragnarok is not limited to just Norse Mythology in this dimension, oh no, every God and Titan will be called forth to defend their honor and fight for the spoils. Every year, new Gods, Titans & legendary beings from various other mythologies throughout all of time will be available to be mined from the unminted NFTs from the original claim drop.


Ragnarok wants to be the most advanced skill-based game in existence. People with lesser stats but greater skill can prevail. This game will stretch the limits of your creativity and mental capacity. Ragnarok itself is sectioned into mini battles inside one big war. In one battle, you may be weak but find your resolve in another. To master Ragnarok is to master life itself, and no one is perfect, thus every match creates a beautiful, unique moment that can never ever be recreated again. Every battle is unique, every battle matters, every battle is written in history, forever. source

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The very first level (level 0) takes place in a warehouse in the deep space. You get teleported there and it's a training ground (with rewards) where you have to take down all the drones across the two bays to complete the level. As long as you have in your wallet the minimum set of NFTs required to play, you can restart any level as many times as you want and keep earning until you run out of time.


Both the character and the weapons have cooldowns that allow you to play only a predefined amount of time per day, depending on your inventory. Every time you start a level, you get the same amount of initial ammo that depends on the type of ammo NFTs that you have.

The $BOOM token has already been deployed to the WAX testnet as boomfungible and to the mainnet as csboomcsboom.

The premined $BOOM will be initially distributed as in-game stake based on the amount accumulated by users playing with the B-otto game in Discord.

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$BOOM will be listed on Alcor when the alpha version of the 3D game is launched and stable. plan on creating a new token for each planet the story will take place. The game levels will be on different planets and the story will go back and forth between planets. source

& Now


LVL - Level 1 Token

Psyberx is a First-person shooter (FPS) game centered on gun combat in a first-person perspective! It is going to be a blockchain game in a three-dimensional space – how amazing is not that!? Did you play Call of Duty (COD) or Halo? Then you will most likely get the same experience with Psyberx when they launch. Their plan was to release a double A game but did wreck that goal – now they are heading for a triple A game or the moon. Triple A games are the best games in the world. Games like COD, the last of us, Crysis and Resident Evil have these triple A titles, just to mention a few.


source Olebull aka @olebull

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A 1 Up Gaming Guild & NFT Studios Project


Chifibots Indigogo Campaign Pre-Sale & White Paper links

ChiFiBots (Chibi Fighting Robots), a new digital collectable trading card game.

The year is 2080 and humans have been extinct for 50 years. Chibi Fighting Robots now inhabit planets across the universe.

ChiFiBots is bringing a plethora of new features into the TCG world with: robot upgrades, limited edition cards, choose your own adventure, strategic gameplay, and much more.

The ChiFiBots team's mission is to make a fun, and competitive trading card game with loveable characters. We want you to see part of yourself in the ChiFiBots. Share their triumphs and struggles through the story mode.

We have major plans to expand onto different devices and mediums. Comics, shows, movies, and other games. You're not investing in a game, you're investing in an experience.

Win incredible prizes from the season leader boards and tournaments. Maybe you'll be invited to the annual ChiFiBots world championship tournament the "SuperBrawl."

The world is going through a tough time and we want to give people something to look forward to everyday. source

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Element World

Digit Spin Coin (no chat, Twitter page is down and no response from team yet)

DSPN, a coin on the HIVE.io BlockChain is a No ICO, start at zero community coin. The community can use it in any project. Coin Emissions are created for POS holders source Hive Engine (HE)


DigitSpinCoin.com is the homepage ElementWorld.net is its 1st NFT Game DSPN was created to integrate into NFT projects. It may be used by the Hive community to bring token representation to their project.

Every Hour there are 20 randomly selected coins chosen from all of the staked coins. The owners of those coins are identified by the smart contract and awarded 2.5 coins (50 coins emitted every hour / 20 coins selected) This means if you have more coins in the pool, your odds of one of your coins being chosen is greater. April 2022 halving to 25 coins every hour.

Element World Founders Edition NFT Pack. Openable March/April 2022. Max Total 250,000 Packs These cards will have special creatures and/or existing creatures with special abilities or features. There will be unique weapons and armor only found in this pack, also.

DSPN Richlist, do you know who the top holders are?


Black Magic Wars (DEAD Project)

(In discord founder mentions not utilizing the tokens also no development has begun either. Reading further the developer has stopped the project) ASEA Special Edition - Pre Alpha Card Packs for ABAIR! The Black Magic Wars


BlackMagicWars.com is the webpage The drop rate of Abair’s Legendary cards is 0.01. Thus of the 6 total legendaries, Around 400~~ of each legendary should exist by the time all 250,000 packs are sold. Players will have the chance to earn value by possessing these special cards.

Abair is a Play to Earn game, and players who win battles will be rewarded for each win. Additionally, when a tile is won for the player chosen faction The top three highest contributing players will be rewarded with a bonus. Capturing land is all important, and the Wars rage constantly between the Kingdom of Orr and the Hold of Harlward. Some tiles will have special mines; which when owned by a faction can be staked by players for even greater Rewards! source

REC Red Energy Crystal - Black Magic Wars Stablecoin with 1 billion Total Maximum Supply. REC Tokenomics BEC Blue Energy Crystal - Black Magic Wars Play-to-earn token with 2,500,000,000,000 Total Maximum Supply. BEC Tokenomics

ASEA Richlist, do you recognize any players?


Mythical Farm

(No chat and no team contact)


Mythical.Farm is the webpage DeFi farming game built on top of Hive-Engine. Mythical & Serpentis token both minted a Total Maximum Supply of 9,007,199,254,740,991 much like SPS & DEC



(No chat yet team updates released on Hive.Blog)


Game Introduction Article on Hive. The pre-sale offer of 13,290 SOULS with value of 1 hive will be used to continue with the development of the game, This will be the presale price of our packs, the first nfts packs can only be purchased with SOULS. The Teams goal is to continue with a capital of 3689 HIVE SOULS Total Maximum Supply is 9,007,199,254,740,991



MUT Token & Maldives Pack


Muterra WebPage click to play MuTerra is a TCG + RPG game. Playable on HIVE blockchain and Collectible on WAX blockchain.

MuTerra used to be known as Earth. The inner radiation of the planet mutated every living thing on it and resulted in a population boom, not of humans but of plants and animals.

MuTerra is a TCG+CCG+RPG style game where you as tamers are tasked with capturing and training the mutated animals in order to save humanity from extinction.

You get Tamer avatars and are tasked with exploring the world of MuTerra and taming mutees. Various maps, terrains, quests, challenges and fights make up the RPG and PvE part of the game.

The PvP part of the game will have tournaments and leaderboard. Players fight each other for honor and glory and of course..

REWARDS! source

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Maldives packs Total Maximum Supply is 20,000


THGaming Guild


THGaming Token


Gaming Guilds are trending

Why THGaming Guild?

@entrepidus is on the inside team with @jim-crypto & myself, two people with incredible plans and organizational skills between them. THG has constant updates with recent curation upgrades and white paper to be released very soon. HIVE:THGAMING Diesel Pool rewards among the highest in Hive averaging over 250% and often times hitting over 300%. Collaborations with several games to be announced as deals are made and much more.

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PIMP Token




Pimpin Curation & Staking Dividends

PIMP Token

@enginewitty updates holders daily with additions to improve the value and dividends of the PIMP token. Tokens total maximum supply is among the lowest in Hive at 42 million tokens. Curation rewards in addition to dividends for top 200 stakers. (currently top 56 and growing with project)

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Play Gamer Token


PGM Gaming Guild


Gaming Guild, curation, delegation & tipping

PGM Token

Zottone is always staying busy upgrading the PGM token with recent updates like adding LVL and STARBITS to the !PGM tip command. He also recently added curation rewards to #pgm posts and donated 50,000 PGM to the Diesel Pool rewards on the HIVE:LVL Liquidity Pool.

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Gaming Guild, Curation & Delegation Services


The Cartel holds game assets, scholars and weekly earnings articles that market for games in huge ways. Cartel runs delegation bot on nearly all outposts paying back 95% of curation earned in daily automated payments making 5% profit daily. The Cartel Gaming is becoming a guild of gaming guilds to team up with.

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Beatz Chain

BEATZ WebPage Music Social Outpost with Monetized Curation


After hearing @polarmystro and teams plans (tba) I went in with a 1 million token purchase as I love to be early on projects. Music contests coming to win some tokens with independant artists posting content regularly brings nice diversity to Hive of different types of content creators.

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Monetized Social Media Outpost

The City of Neoxian

The City of Neoxian is most famously known for being a bank among the many services on Hive. Many have loans with @neoxian including myself in which the contracts are posted on the blockchain publicly. The City chat is held in Element, the web version is accessed by clicking here


Hive Hustlers Token




Monetized Social Media Outpost & More

Hive Hustlers

The name says it all, this community is an amazing place to join if you hustle on Hive. From entrepreneurs and investors to developers and artists this is the place to establish yourself for the future web 3.0 influx we will experience thanks to innovators like @thelogicaldude.

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Use the tag #hustler when blogging to earn HUSTLER token or post from Hustler.io by clicking here

Coin Logic

A Hive Hustlers Partner look closer here


Another Hive Hustlers Partner look closer here


Image from thread

LEO Token

The largest tokenized community for crypto & finance content creators. Running several projects on the Hive blockchain: leofinance.io, hivestats.io, leopedia.io, https://dex.leofinance.io, and a Hive Witness Node -- @leofinance


LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains LeoFinance allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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SPS, DEC & SPT tokens as well as hundreds of NFT playing cards and more SPT is a token rewarding blogging about Splinterlands on Splintertalk.io by clicking here


Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are the in-game currency token for Splinterlands. Earn them through gameplay or by sacrificing unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the shop! Splintershards (SPS) is the governance token which will be integrated into the Splinterlands game in order to provide increasing levels of decision-making ability and control over the product to the player-base, asset owners, and other stakeholders.

Play Splinterlands by clicking here

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& Last Yet Most Important

Helpful Hive Links

How to keep your Hive account safe from phishing attacks & scammers click here How to create a permanent discord link click here How to grow your project helping new bloggers click here How to earn up to 12 cryptocurrencies with a single article click here How to utilize Hive.Vote to follow Psyber-X vote & curation trail click here Dynamicrypto HWS Community Plan & Witness Announcement click here Vote for me Troy Green (@dynamicrypto) as a witness click here Vote Fellow Veteran @enginewitty as witness click here Vote Fellow Veteran @inthenow as witness click here Vote Fellow Veteran @veteranforcrypto as witness click here Vote For Psyber-X @psyberx.witness as witness click here

Not sure how to vote? Proxy Me, I will handle it

Active key authority is required for setting a "Proxy". Go to Hive Wallet

My last thoughts as we get through the end of a 3,000+ word post together I wonder if you are still with me?

If so would you consider helping a project onboard to Hive if you profit from it?

We are offering a triple threat reward for delegating HP paying you more than anyone!

  1. 100% of curation paid back daily via automated payments with curation managed by me & currently at an APR of 8.67% up from 2% just recently.
  2. LVL airdrop for new HP delegated at 1 to 1 monthly on the 15th (over 1k +30 days to airdrop).
  3. Upvotes for delegators with quality content.

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