Still on the dCity kick - Testing new starter cities for CITIZEN mining

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Hello friends family and followers, I am finalizing all my dCity work for a while now, and was just looking to rebuild some starter cities after the big changes to Popularity have now finished.

Popularity is what powers the most important mechanism for new cities - CITIZEN MINING.


That's right, the first thing you want to shoot for with a new city is to increase your chances of mining new citizens with POPULARITY. The exact math behind citizen mining appears to have changed behind the scenes, so for now it is a SECRET. I am doing my best with some A/B testing cities to see if I can't tease out some tips which I may or may not share with you all in the future - although I have trouble keeping my mouth shut sometimes!

Citizen prices are quite expensive!


And at the time of posting, someone bought all the immigrants so they appear even more expensive than homeless. Let's just say that we want to continue to get our hands on these.

I have been using parks and art galleries to do this job since I began, since I always had so many of them. Right now park's prices are really expensive, but I still have a lot of them, so I can potentially make some good offers for new players on this city.


Here is my new invention, a nuclear powered citizen mining facility. I noticed that both the nuclear plants and the related cold fusion technology card are relatively cheap on the market.


Here's the city layout in City Helper view:


Park 75 * 275 sim = 20650 sim Art Gallery 13 * 700 sim = 9100 sim Nuclear Plant 4 * 1000 sim = 4000 sim Police Station 1 * 1900 sim = 1900 sim Cold Fusion Tech 1 * 300 sim = 300 sim

Total: 35925 sim

This is approximately the cost of the city if you were to buy it off the market right now. At a 0.00048 SIM price in HIVE this is equal to 17.244 HIVE.

I am offering to sell these cities to players at 31000 SIM or 16 HIVE.

This is the legendary 'Starter Pack' for dCity - take advantage while you can.

ROI potential?

There is of course a 1.6% chance to mine a background, of which there is a 10% chance to mint a lake, the only background that sells pretty well on the market. Assuming a value of 3000 sim per lake, we can get an expected value of 175.2 SIM/year on Lake backgrounds, half a percent per year apr just in LAKEs.


But besides background mining, we have the main source of our income, citizen mining. I haven't tested enough of this model long enough to know actual drop rates for citizen mining, so I am going to make some conservative estimates here.

I first don't know what sort of chance there is to drop students. More info to come on this, a potential great source of ROI.

But let's take homeless + immigrants at 100/200 sim value, and assue we are going to be able to land 75% of days.

0.75 *365 * (200+100)/2 = 41062.5 SIM per year

132% APR on my discount STARTER city price!

And even a 114.3% APR on the market price of 35925 sim.

Of course I cannot guarantee this drop rate, likely its higher with some chance of getting a student, and technically could be as high as 95% chance per day to drop a student.

I have up to 10 of these cities available at this price, let's see if there is any interest in getting started in dCity with one of these easy to manage starter cities. You can easily start to expand this city by selling the citizen drops by working on cheap INCOME or EDUCATION cards next.

If there are any questions, I am always happy to help new players the best that I can and to the time available to me.

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