Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 9 - Saturday 26 February 2022 | Hive Power Up Day and March No-Buy Month | Win EDS for Comments - everyone welcome!

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Hello Everyone,

So very sorry for what is happening in Ukraine, thinking of the people there and in other conflict areas around the world. I hope world leaders are able to come together and prevent further loss of life and hardship.

In Saturday Savers Club, we plan and prepare for a better life and offer each other support to do that. When momentous and scary things happen in the world, we can feel very helpless and that there is so little that we can do. In these times, the thing that we can do is to continue with our plans and look after each other and those around us.

Hive Power Up Day - 1 March 2022 and March NO-BUY Month

1 March is again Hive Power Up Day when you can build your stake and ownership in Hive. The benefits include having a greater say in Hive and earning increased curation rewards.

To participate in the "PowerUp Day" (HivePUD):

  • Power up a minimum of 10 HIVE on the first day of the month (you may be eligible to win prizes).
  • Write about your power up and include the tag #hivepud in the post.

From 1-31 March, the Saturday Savers Club is running a NO-BUY Month. This is a great way to check exactly how you are spending money, and to see if you can boost your savings by being extra-focused for a month. Find out more about doing a NO-BUY month in this post.

For the chance to win extra SPI in our NO-BUY Month giveaway, write a post about your NO-BUY Rules, how much you hope to save and what you will be doing with your savings. Then drop a link to your post in the comments below. You are welcome to combine your NO-BUY post with your Hive Power-Up Day post.

365 Day Savings Challenge

It's Week 9 on our savings plan and we've added 3.78 Hive to @susie-savings wallet - we're up to 16.53 Hive already! 🤑

EDS for Comments

We had comments from @justclickindiva, @phoenixwren, @yeckingo1, @jfang003, @ericburgoyne, @bearmol, @wolfofnostreet, @omarcitorojas, @youyowi, @tokutaro22, @stickupboys, @smilestitches, @nitsuga12 and @forsakensushi. Everyone went into the WheelofNames and we have two winners: @youyowi and @forsakensushi - hurrah! check your wallets.

Savings Goals

We've added some more savings goals and savings posts to the table. Leave a comment below with a link if you've done a savings post or settled on your savings goals for this year - it can take a while to decide your aims, so take your time and let us know when you're ready 😍

PS check that I have your goals correctly in the table or if I've missed you

Remember for success - Start Small, Start Today

It can be any day, and it can be any day when you've had a break and want to start again.

  • the best way to build wealth is to save small amounts regularly.

If you know anyone else who is interested in saving, please do tell them about the Saturday Savers Club, we love meeting people, sharing ideas and supporting each other. You'll find all the FAQs in this post and all the information about last year's progress in this post. Write a post to tell your friends and followers about us and drop a link in the comments below!

Account | Primary Goal | Secondary Goal | Info Post ---| --- | --- | -- @yeckingo1 | 1,000HP | Leo Lottery | Leo lottery post @wolfofnostreet | 3,000HP | HBD | savings post @ericburgoyne | 3,000 INDEX | HBD | goals post @jfang003 | 667.95 HBD | - | savings post @justclickindiva | 15,000HP | 667.95 HBD/667.95 HIVE | savings post @bearmol | 2000HP | - | new savings goal @missaj | 5000HP | - | let us know when you write a post @tokutaro22 | 384 HBD (computer) | - | savings post @phoenixwren | Emergency fund | music keyboard | savings post @lauramica | 667.95 HBD (travel fund) | - | savings post @dkid14 | 10,000HP | - | let us know when you write a post @riandeuk | Splinterlands 250k | 50 EDSM | 50 EDSM achieved! @blezyn | 667.95 HBD | local currency (naira)? | let us know when you write a post @sally-notbright | £667.95 (fiat) | - | let us know when you write a post @benthomaswwd | let us know your goal | - | savings post @dadspardan | 2,400 HBD | - | let us know when you write a post @carlynn | 1,000 HP | 677.95 HBD | savings post @alexvan | +365HP | - | let us know when you write a post @youyowi | let us know your goal | - | let us know when you write a post @heypuch | let us know your goal | - | let us know when you write a post @omarcitorojas | 670 HIVE | - | savings post @nitsuga12 | 600 HBD | - | let us know when you write a post

How's your week been? Did you hit your savings target? Tell us in the comments below!

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