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9 months ago - 5 minutes read


Been a while since I've posted about downvotes, or "flags" as us old-schoolers used to call them. Ah, the flag wars. Ah, the memories. Good times. Such nostalgia.

Just to be clear usually the best thing to do when one gets downvoted is to ignore them. I mean maybe don't fully ignore them. Try to figure out why they happened and whatnot. But definitely don't make a scene and escalate the situation just because money is involved. Easier said than done obviously, people get very heated over these things. One time I downvoted someone for a single penny back in the day on a bogus comment they made and they totally lost their shit. It was... surprising to say the least. It's possible the act of doing it matters more than the dollar value of it on a certain level, but that's an entirely other argument.

My experience with downvotes like this is that they are almost always politically motivated and then they turn into ugly personal feuds. The person doing the downvoting will then throw up a smokescreen like, "Eh, don't worry about it this is just a 'reward disagreement'," even though that is clearly like... not the case at all. 90% of the time it's politically motivated and left-leaning. Conspiracy theory is often, shall we say, not appriciated.


Like the other day I said something about the CDC getting rid of COVID protocols in a very dismissive way. Could that be the thing that has lost me over $300 so far? A full week's worth of downvotes and not one single message saying what it's for. Is that acceptable behavior from someone who wields the power of 4 whales on this network?

Is it acceptable for one person, in all their wisdom, to cancel out the votes of a hundred other people thinking they know better? And then say nothing about it? Really? Is that how this game is played? Weird game.

It's also possible to get downvoted just because of the people upvoting the content. Can be a guilty by association thing. Get upvoted by too many people talking about conspiracy theory or whatnot? Oh well now you get a downvote, or zeroed out for the entire week, whatever. Shit happens.

In fact the last time I was getting downvoted like this it was because I was talking mad shit about people who downvote (so meta). Hm, yes... lets see if I can find it.

ah there it is

Took a while, need to work on my database more.

This one post resulted in losing hundreds of dollars across many many posts. Is that reasonable? In fact I bet the memory of the situation is still there, so I'm still losing money from this post and I'm sure random other ones like it. It all feeds into the same "reward disagreement" smokescreen.


There are a lot of diminishing returns when it comes to downvotes. If someone asks me what my job security is like? Oh well actually it's terrible because there is this one guy who can just take away my entire income if he pushes a button. Add on top of that the volatility of crypto and all the blood in the streets, yikes! Basically zero job security in crypto across the board. Just ask those dozen exchanges that gambled with client money and went bankrupt and stole all the money to pay off their debt/leverage.

Wait, who runs this account again?


Is that right?

I don't know things. Although if memory serves it's @azircon

It's also super fun to be downvoted by people who upvote you using the voting trains that these bots have invented. Hey @meno, you know you're downvoting my posts? You often upvote them. Weird.


downvotes started after this post

Enjoy the shitpost.

I guess your words really can be used you in this weird court of opinion!

Discord: Edicted#2356

... Ya know, just in case you want to explain your actions and make this a better platform rather than silently flexing and then acting like it's a great service to the network....


lol, wut?

@abh12345 what even is this?
Are you making a sexist joke about periods or what? Oh, we have fun. Look at us. It's like a fun little clue as to what's being talked about in the background. Everyone likes a little mystery.

A bit of context

I really don't want to play the victim here. I'm not the victim. We're good. I would like to add more value to this network. That's what we all want, yeah? Same team.

I will admit that I have been slacking a bit. I'm in quite a bit of pain every day from a shoulder/back injury. Hate to admit it, but it does have an affect on my mood. Been extremely confrontational and volatile as of late. Just the other day I blew up in @themarkymark's face in Discord and called him a liar and a cheat for like no reason at all! I had to publicly apologize for that, which is something I normally wouldn't do. Trying to get back in line but. Not easy I tell ya.

It also makes my posts a bit more low effort. Sitting in this chair is... a chore.

But I think I'm done talking about this for the day. Don't really have the energy for it. And speaking about diminishing returns, why put effort into a post when an x4 whale is 100% downvoting them with zero reason given (weird chicken/egg scenario considering the downvotes could have been issued for low effort). You'd think $300 (more like $1000 in the last 12 months) downvotes against a prominent member of this community would be worth like... a comment? I guess that's too much to ask? Ah, it's not though. Passive aggressive comment is passive aggressive I suppose. Old habits die hard.


It's easy to forgive downvotes on posts about speculation and random bullshitting about market movements, but if I'm going to be x4 whale blanket-downvoted on every post based on some unknown mystery trigger? Clearly not a "reward disagreement". At least last time it was obvious what the trigger was. This time not so much.

Well I'm already thinking of ways to exponentially escalate this situation to extremely toxic levels, so I guess I just need to shut the fuck up for now and take a little break. Nobody needs that.



@azircon has amazing fucking timing... hot damn

He reminds me that the first strategy to getting downvoted is to stop self-upvoting... lol... was thinking about that last night... totally forgot about it.

Ha, also just because I defended jrcornel on a downvote issue... don't read too much into that. We have some very interesting conversations in Discord, but we haven't talked since...


April 26th apparently... and I'm pretty sure he dumped 100% of all his CUB holdings and we are just not on the same level when it comes to crypto. He's just trying to make money and I actually want to be a part of this new future that gets built. The money is irrelevant... or at least it should be... lol because this is a post about downvotes and losing money. Pobodies Nerfect.

And yes, I think I will stop upvoting my own shit (forever). That's a good plan. but also I take issue with "earning $100 plus in Hive" because honestly Hive shouldn't be measured in dollars. There are posts from two years ago they show that I made less than $20 but are worth over $100 today. What happens if Hive goes x100 or some shit? Gonna downvote everything because it's making too much in dollars? It's a weird issue. Can't stop people from pricing things in the standard unit of account I suppose. Blah blah blah off topic.


Must have hacked my computer and looked at my post before I wrote it. I guess I just got served. Look at me getting all worked up over nothing. Such tilt.
Lesson learned.

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