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There is a LOT of tech coming out on Hive.

A scary amount really. Such a huge amount that I'm legitimately afraid that the price will spike like x100 and I still won't even know if I should be turning bearish yet. Because that's the thing about crypto, once the price starts spiking like that, the only way to get more coins is to turn bearish at the right time, and in many respects that's just pure gambling. Our chances are not good, according to history.

Sounds like a good problem to have!

Eh maybe. Maybe not. Depends on individual goals. If we want Hive to be scalable and fast, going x100 would be pretty devastating to that particular goal. Can you imagine what this place would be like if it cost $500 to create an account and new users couldn't even afford to buy Hive to get resource credits? Rather they'd have to buy RCs from a rent-seeking pool or have them gifted by the dapp they were using. Think it can't happen? Crypto can pivot on a dime. Millions of people flocking to Hive is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. Scaling up is never pretty.

BXT Beeswap

So apparently @gerber made a HE token that I haven't even talked about yet. Need to look into it more. @beeswap by the looks of it, which was already a liquidity pool of sorts before, but now with this BXT token attached to it, it's providing exponential yields to certain diesel pools on HE. Again, need to look into it more.

Hive Application Framework

This tech should make it exponentially easier for me and other devs to decentralize their layer 2 dapps. I hit a brick wall with Magitek months ago and temporarily abandoned the project. Hopefully the HAF reinvigorates me to start grinding Magitek out again.


I'm not super excited for 3SPEAK because I'm not really interested in using it. Although I may end up building a super beastmode computer/server that's able to store a lot of data on multiple SSDs. I'm hearing that I can get paid to provide my resources to the network. That's pretty badass.

I'm still a little in the dark about how this all works. It's pretty complicated (until it isn't). The SIP (service... infrastructure... protocol?) is supposed to act as a black hole where Hive/HBD get sucked into forever. Again, don't fully know how that all works but it sounds very promising. Will obviously have to look into it in much greater detail after the airdrop on Jan 6th.



Speaking of Jan 6th. We got an update about Ragnarok today.

This is a community-run & focused project! 100% open-source! 100% of the total capped supply will be dropped freely to Hivers. The snapshot will be on Jan 6th.

There will be a one-time claim date TBA after the snapshot. All unclaimed NFT's will then be put into the upcoming game, Ragnarok, which can then be mined using the NFT's you claimed during the snapshot. The only way to get these NFT's is to either have HIVE during the snapshot or eventually mine them from Ragnarok! There will also be secondary markets for trading via DEX.

Okay... interesting. So if you don't claim these NFTs they get stripped from you and added to a communal pool where they are then mined... where the owned NFTs act as the miners. That's pretty weird but I'm here for it.

The drop is proportionate to the total supply of HIVE (excluding the Hive DAO because DAOs can't claim, they don't have fingers!)

It looks like there are going to be a ton of NFTs available to mine, because exchanges are getting airdropped. That's over 100M Hive that's going to get airdropped that I highly HIGHLY doubt will claim these NFTs. If I had to guess, it sounds like less than half of these NFTs are going to be claimed, and then will become minable.

mine them from Ragnarok!

Interesting verbiage here. This could mean they are constantly being mined, or they are only available to be mined once a year during the annual Ragnarok tournament. Maybe both. Unclear.

There will be 10 cards per deck needed to play. Having at least 8 of either Aesir or Vanir in a deck will give all those types of cards a boost in stats.

So there will obviously be bonuses for certain groupings of cards. Should be interesting strategy.

This isn't your marvel Norse gods, which are completely different from the original stories, most likely to keep things rated "PG" - with Ragnarok, you're getting the full raw stories.

Haha nice, kinda like in how fairy-tales are all basically horror stories. See: Grimm's Fairy Tales. I don't talk about this much but I can't wait for the day when we finally return to this type of super dark gaming: the kind I experienced as a kid with stuff like Diablo 1. That shit was creepy as hell (also random sexual stuff like succubus boobs and whatnot). They watered that shit down hard in later iterations to get a bigger audience, and that was obviously bullshit. All hail the super dark metal gaming experience. Can't wait.



You will need to opt into Ragnarok every year, & it can be done anytime inside that calendar year. The cost will be x HBD. All HBD the game earns goes into a SIP v1, where the interest earned is kept in a pool & paid back to the players without the initial HBD ever being touched.

Again these kinds of forever-yield mechanics are going to be insane to watch in action. Imagine what can happen if we lock up enough HBD forever in certain areas. Witnesses will then be able to increase yield even higher than 10% or even 12% because they know that the principal is never going to be dumped on the market. This further incentivizes locking up our debt forever. Gonna be a wild ride.

Once you have opted into Ragnarok & paid the fee, you will now earn "exp tokens" for every battle you win. These tokens can be used to power up your cards, max lvl 9. Every card in your deck will need to be powered up with exp coins individually. Every level unlocks better stats, more abilities, & an overall stronger God or Titan. The amount of exp coins required to reach the next level becomes larger & larger at every level. The exp coins are fungible & tradeable.

Kinda wondering if these xp tokens will be exploited by bots.
Probably eh? Time to write a bot! kek. We'll see.

Even if this is the case this is still a heavy grind and a deep liquidity sink. There's also the chance that you wouldn't want a bot playing the game because the cost to play is too high and the bot AI wouldn't be good enough. It's not like we are building Deepmind over here. Have you seen the Splinterlands bots? They bad.

After every battle, your Gods or Titans do not recover health, so if you enter a battle with low health characters from the previous battle, they will also have low health in the new battle. You will need to heal your gods & titans using potions/herbs, which cost HBD.

Another very good reason you wouldn't use a bot. Sounds like Dan thought about Sybil attack. No surprises there.

The game will have armor & a weapon system that adds passive stats & abilities to equip the NFT's. You can level up the weapon tree of your choice, each coming with different skills & abilities. All weapons will be mineable NFT's that come out in Ragnarok, but they will require repair kits that cost HBD.

image.png Can you see it?


Dem titties I'm an adult.

Back to business...

Again, it just sounds like there is a ton of content and options when it comes to this game. This is great because in the beginning there won't be some copy-pasta cookie-cutter meta that noobs can copy. Every man for himself. I'm here for it.

Also it's hard to copy a meta when the game is based on deflationary NFTs. It's not like hearthstone where every player can get the same god/titan with the same weapons and abilities. I think this uniqueness is really going to shine though in terms of the strategy required and the level of competition that comes into play.

Also we have to consider that playing Hearthstone is not a paying job 99.9999% of the time. Ragnarok will be. This will be a zero-sum gaming experience and many players are going to keep their strategies to themselves. Honestly the more I realize what's going on here the more exciting it becomes.

The game will have many HBD sinks. The HBD is sucked into a "blackhole" via the SIP v1, where it will be locked away to earn interest in perpetuity.

Sounds like it might be really expensive to play, but at the same time the rewards are going to be worth it. These are exactly the kinds of mechanics that kick bots to the curb and eliminate Sybil attack vectors and cookie-cutter strategies. Crazy stuff. Very revolutionary. Only with crypto, fam.

Each god or titan can have up to 33 spells in the game itself. The spells themselves are collectible, tradeable NFT's. Spells consist of either magic spells like a direct damage attack (fireball, etc.) or summoned pets. Pets have their own stats (hp, attack ETC.) All spells have a mana cost, & in every round, each player gets extra mana, thus using a more powerful spell. Players will need to wait for 9 rounds total before playing their most powerful spells that cost 9 mana each.

Spells are 100% mineable through the game. Spells can also be leveled using an exp coin with 9 levels per spell.

Again, the game sounds like a grind and a half, and that grind is hard to cheat with bots, because bots are dumb and this game is expensive. I know because I saw them [bots] all the time in World of Warcraft, just running around ruining the game's economy. There must be value at stake to deter the Sybil attack, and it's looks like this game will be one of the few to achieve that. Skin in the game is of the utmost importance, and Dan realizes this critical fact.

Think of the NFT's you get are "miners" that allow you to play a game that earns you more NFT's. We hope the "mining" is one super kickass game that really tests the limits of your imagination & skills!

Okay so you are constantly using your NFTs to "mine" things.
Likely via gameplay. Interesting.

One tidbit we will leave you with is there are many levels to this game. For instance, a long-term MMORPG (think WOW, but you own it) plan involves the very NFT's you get. This will be a game foundation for many various interoperable game trees to grow from. One account, one deck, all games.

OMFG what?

More airdrops declared. Mindblowing. Are you excited? I'm here for it... gonna crush all of you :D


I forgot to talk about this

IDO #2

We've also been working closely with IDO #2 and their team. We've told them that doing an airdrop to CUB hodlers alongside a slightly smaller IDO would likely gain more traction for their platform and sweeten the mindset of CUB hodlers who may want to participate more heavily in their IDO knowing that their team is committed to benefiting CUB.

Additionally, we remember what happened with IDO #1. One thing we've mentioned to them is that getting an initial audience and community to seed their launch is vital to success. With this in mind, we've recommended an airdrop to HIVE holders as well.

So CUB is recommending an airdrop to both the CUB community and the Hive community.


If they decide to go this route, we think they'll get their airdrop in to HIVE POWER holders in addition to CUB holders and an IDO. This could lead to a massively successfuly launch.

As I say in this clip: what's good for IDO #2 is good for CUB. One of the top farms on IDO #2's upcoming platform is a CUB-IDO#2 token Liquidity Pool which will have a ridiculously high APY for anyone staking both CUB and their native token post-IDO.

Again, with IDO #2 booting up a CUB-IDO LP this sucks a ton of liquidity from CUB farms to the IDO farm. This is especially true if they airdrop CUB holders, because then cub holders already have all the tokens they need to enter the new farm for free. This boosts the APR of both the CUB/BUSD LP and the CUB/BNB LP both in terms of CUB price going up and less competition in this LPs.

The same is true for bLEO/BNB. LEO is going to get sucked out of that pool and thrust into Polygon. I believe that the bLEO/BNB LP will once again get jacked up to a yield of around 300% to 400%. Why? Because the value of individual CUB is going to go up in addition to less competition being in the bLEO LP. So many wins on so many levels.


Too much stuff going down. Can't even keep up with it. Pretty wild. Stay frosty.

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