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I'd like to take you along on my journey of how I came to stack silver, but first, a little ground work about the amazing metal, silver!

What exactly is silver? Silver is an element listed on the periodic table as atomic number 47, and the symbol Ag. It is a metal that is somewhat soft, conducts hot and cold as well as electricity! Ever wonder about those ice cream scoops that just cut through the ice cream? Chances are they have some composition of silver. Silver is very shiny and has a specific 'tinkle' sound when dropped on hard surfaces. All kinds of things are made out of it-from silverware to all those little micro chips in computers. It's used in surgical equipment like scalpels and is also known for it's ability to heal.

Research it and see just all that it does! It is truly amazing! Now, to go forward in my journey......

I never really paid attention to silver, gold, or any precious metal. My husband drug me down to the LCS one Saturday several years ago. The guy behind the counter somehow knew to pull the really pretty and artsy type stuff out for me to look at and handle. That's all it took! I was hooked! I love a western theme, so anything to do with the west quickly became a sought after item.

These were not some of the first ounces of silver that I obtained that fateful Saturday, but they are of a western theme.


And the back sides.......


At the writing of this post, silver is going for $25.14 per ounce. I know we've got silver we've paid as little as $3.00 an ounce and as much as $48.00 per ounce. The thing I'm stating here is essentially, I am in it for the long haul. You buy, just a little if that's all you can afford. The value doesn't go away!

Take this quarter, for example.......


Back in 1956, this quarter would buy you approximately 2 gallons of gas! Well, guess what........


.......it still will today! Coming in at about $6.00, you can still buy approximately 2 gallons of gas today! How's that for value?

You just can't go wrong with silver! Anyway, that sums up just how truly amazing silver is both as the many uses it has and the value it continues to have for long term savings.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. I hope I've inspired someone to begin their journey! Take care and have a nice night!

(Not intended as financial advice)

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