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8 Major Crypto Firm executives have been called to testify before a U.S. congressional committee. These are the people who handle all aspects of running an ICO, including starting and ending funds and managing accounts on exchanges where they trade their tokens for real-world currency like USD or BTC.

Coinbase's Alesia Haas and Circle's Jeremy Allaire will be on the stand to tell their side of this story. Brian Brooks, Bitfury CEO, is set foot in court as well!

The companies in this sector are no strangers to controversy. U.S. politicians from both sides of the aisle have called for more scrutiny of crypto-currencies. Elizabeth Warren has called for tougher regulation of the sector, while Donald Trump describes crypto-currencies as "a scam".

Bitfury's Mr. Brooks served as a top banking regulator under the Trump administration and had an active role in policy-making around crypto currencies, including forks like Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum Classic that were created after controversial changes went live with their networks--a move which some say led to disastrous results for everyone involved!

Crypto-currencies have been around for a few years now, but they're still finding their footing in the world of finance. It might seem confusing at first since these currencies don't actually exist outside our computer screens (though there are some notable exceptions). But if we think about how easy payment solutions would be without any third party interference then this makes total sense; imagine buying something off Amazon using Bitcoin instead of fiat money like USD.

Crypto-currencies are being perceived as one of the most popular methods for criminals to carry out their illegal activities. However, there is still huge potential in this area and its followers believe that innovation will only expand upon itself over time - leading us towards more harm than good!

Crypto-currencies are a hot topic around the world, but countries have taken dramatically different approaches to them.

The Chinese government has declared cryptocurrency transactions illegal, and many other central banks are eyeing the sector warily. The discussion of regulation will likely continue as these currencies grow in popularity across international borders.

El Salvador, the most violent country in Central America and home to some of history's worst dictators, has just declared Bitcoin - a crypto-currency that is gaining popularity worldwide--to be legal tender. President Martinez wants this law passed so he can fund his ambitious project: building an entire city from scratch on top of Mt. Poas Volcano!

Crypto-currencies are becoming more and more popular, with states all over America looking into how they can incorporate them into their operations.

Miami and New York City are looking to make themselves the crypto capitals of America. They hope that by attracting more blockchain developers, entrepreneurs will be drawn into their cities with an opportunity for success like never before seen in this industry!

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will host a hearing on "the challenges and benefits of financial innovation."

The first batch of CEOs have been notified to appear in front the Senate's cryptocurrency committee. The names include Sam Bankman-Fried from FTX Trading, Chad Cascarilla and Dennelle Dixon who both serve as presidents for various foundations related with Stellar Development Foundation."

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