Bullish (Bunny-ish?) on stacking!

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

         It's a brand new year! With it comes some reevaluations. I modified my DCA strategy to include precious metals in my monthly purchases. I haven't purchased metals consistently since 2020. The last two years involved mostly sporadic purchases as I need funds elsewhere.

         To start, I picked up a one-gram piece featuring the rabbit. The new lunar year will happen on the 22nd of this month. And yes, it will be the Year of the Rabbit. With the ways things are packaged, the plastic outweighs the actual gold.

         Sometimes, I wish I had enough disposable income to buy over an ounce of gold outright. Well, I probably could if I plan it out better. Those who chose the DCA approach contribute substantial capital to their portfolios each year.

         I picked up a few ounces of silver as well. This time, I found a 3-ounce Indian arrowhead. I decided to put up a regular one-ounce bar to show the scale. I haven't seen too many unique silver pieces from the metal dealers I frequent. I will have to settle for regular bars in the foreseeable future.

         The current economic uncertainties led me to diversify my hedges. While I believe crypto is the future, it is still untested against the financial meltdown we will experience. The current not-so-QE environment will be a great time to gather data. Despite the potential downside, I am excited about the prospects for those who have and are preparing.

         Should there be a currency reevaluation for the USD, I would like to have things swing in my favor. Never say it could never happen because no one entity is exceptional to the point where it exalts itself above the tides of time.

         Remember, not your keys, not your crypto. If you don't hold it, it's not yours. Keep those assets under your custody. Avoid third parties, if possible.

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