Breaking Financial Instability With This Strategies

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3 years ago - 4 minutes read

Money ain't the answer? I doubt if people still say that. But if they do then they probably have lost it. In one way or the other money must be made, if only you wish to survive in a world as this.

But how is money made?

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Some people wish to make money but lack a couple of instances. Knowledge is power, money is health and health equals wealth. True or False? Every successful man has a strategy of doing things! And unlike the commons, he works with knowledge, backed up with wisdom.

Clearly there's difference between the two words, knowledge is acquired but wisdom is actualized from within. Some people wish to start up a business but lack capital so they give up! What? So ill! In my opinion it's just not capital you're lacking to give up, but you equally lack wisdom and knowledge. Your inability to strategize is the only thing that can render you idle and financially broken.

When a glass table is broken, people believe you cannot be fixed but guess what? That same table in this current world can be fixed again, if you fine the workshop for it.

Same goes to a broken finance, shattered! But can always be fixed again! Capital is never an excuse if your hands are hardworking and your legs are going in the right direction. I'm not a "Mr Know It All" neither am I "Super Rich" but! At least am living fine, with food to eat and on a daily am always building on my knowledge and strategizing on new plans to acquire financial comfort and freedom, that's a goal! I'm doing it right now...

How do you go about it?

I have two ways that is pure and could get you to that place. Uhm... Usually a Country is built before a capital is chosen. You shouldn't put in all your money to a business as a capital! What if it collapse? It's not my wishes but what if? Never push in all your money into a single pulse because anything can happy at anytime. But that is not my focus, just a bonus tip! ec106234153f166999c7928a755516b03e36fba448ee775c2972f8d581f2efa4.0.png Image created with bitmoji app

If you seek capital to start your business, quit seeking it and focus on building a country, what do I mean? Here's the first tip;

• Finding A Sponsor!

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Who's a sponsor?

A person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect. (English Mini Definition)

From the last line of this definition I spotted "Financial" did you? Cool. Finding someone who could take it upon himself as a responsibility to watch over you by lending some hands. I know it is literally hard to find such person, but unlike the usual kinda sponsors, promise to pay him back with some token of appreciation, but you have to be certain you are ready to work before you make any promises. Make it a deal, sign a contract if needed, put some date down to repay. It is not a loan! Just see it as an advance strategy that you're playing out, you have more chances of getting help when you go through this method because not everyone will give you attention if you go directly for a loan.

Let's look into the world of crypto, it is definitely not a wise choice to borrow money for crypto business. Why? You are definitely gonna try putting all the money to get more profits. But the truth is crypto might Fall at anytime, so what if it does that at the time you're supposed to repay the loan? Then you're done for.

I personally built on this strategy! We all know that blogging requires time, knowledge, wisdom and equally money!

It requires time, where I create what to publish and engage my blog...

It requires knowledge, I have to have some basics knowledge of what am posting, so as not to give wrong information and mislead my audience...

It requires wisdom, knowledge is one thing but wisdom is required for a proper blog building... How to create, what to create and how to present it out on publishment that will attract readers. That is wisdom at work!

Then finally Money, Yes! Money is require to manage a blog, outside of blog maintenance money is required to be online, isn't it? Of course, bundle plans are quite some expenses if you calculate it overtime! So I wasn't financially stable to have such money to build my blog, so finding a sponsor was my best bait and the exact format I just explained is how I went about it and it worked for me...

So it is more advisable to find a sponsor, rather than a loan giver!

The Second tip is directly finding a job that won't require your money but just your time!

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It could be a near by job so you don't have to spend money for transportation daily, this is your best option if you can't find a sponsor. Find such a job, work overtime, get paid behold the expected or supposed capital to start your ideal business, remember you're building a country first before forming a capital! You have to be stable beyond the capital needed before you quit that job to starting your new life and journey...

This is all for now...

Did you enjoy your read through this? Hope you derived something tangible. Hive