How Leofinance Became My Favorite Place to be and Invest

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3 years ago - 3 minutes read

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Talk about educative! Leofinance got it all Talk about voicing! Everyone has a voice here Talk about rewarding! Heftily available.

I've been on hive for about a week plus now and don't get me wrong but it is an amazing place to be, in infact I couldn't wait to get in.

But then I discovered Leofinance.io, the moment I logged in I just loved the environment, it was new and confusing to me but at the same time wow... At first I was like, what goes on around here? Where are the different communities?

Reason I asked that last question was because everywhere was just filled with Bitcoin related posts and Cryptocurrencies as a whole... So for the fact that I came from hive, I was expecting all the communities to be listed as such... But what I didn't know was the Hive was the chain, and Leofinance was like a community out of Hive that had their own interface for posting... Crazy and smart right?

As a fast learner, I quickly digged in and luckily for me I had little knowledge of crypto and finance and stuff, so it was easy to adapt to this environment... I have been here for like a week and I must say am loving it already... I was not active for the past three days I think, based on tight schedule but for the first three days that I was fully here, I was damn rewarded for my content and engagement...

Three Things In Particular That I Love About Leofinance





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What do I mean? As a person that has the basic knowledge of crypto and other financial topics, then Leofinance is a place for you. Leofinance gives everyone a voice to share their thoughts and ideas about the world economy and finance...

- Educative

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An obvious factor! When you're sharing a content and am sharing a content, we are all sharing good contents what happens? A room for learning is created! Being here for the past days, I have learnt a couple of things from our lead content creators, so not just voicing my thoughts here but also learning from other's contents... Amazing right? Yeah!


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Everyone's favorite factor! When it comes to hard work and dedication, rewards that follows melts the heart. Leofinance brings that to every content creator. Maybe you're new as I am, so you don't have followers... Leofinance doesn't care about that! So long as you're putting up amazing contents that will benefit your readers, Leofinance will always reward you for that...

So having listed this factors that made Leofinance an amazing environment to be, I can now say am happy to be back with you all, yeah! Probably no one knows me yet but I will make sure to engage to get noticed yeah!

So if you're reading this and you're new! Make Leofinance your home, put up the best contents, engage and get rewarded! Leofinance has made that all possible for you! Currently investing all my rewards to get higher voting powers and curation rewards, because I fully believe in Leofinance and we are growing by the day.

Leofinance To The Moon!

Did you enjoy your read through this? Hope you derived something tangible.