Wealth Creation through the New User Interface (UI) - Thread and Earn Crypto

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Greetings to my esteemed Lions on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain. It's another day and time to share with you the uniqueness of the New UI launched in batches by the LeoFinance ecosystem. It's your friend @faquan, saying hello from this part of the world.


One thing I've known the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain is in value creation that is translated into mutual wealth for both the platform and the users.

Whatever dAPP that is launched by the LeoFinance ecosystem is usually done to create more values for the entire commumity. For instance, PolyCUB and CubFinance DeFi platforms were created to help users understand the way Decentralized Finance (DeFi) works and also give investors the opportunities to earn from their investments.

Moreso, one can earn from the different APRs and APYs that are presented by these different DeFi platforms. For Cub Multi-Token Bridges you earn up to 181% APR in farms and I can bet you that CubFinance offers investors amazing APRs and APYs in return for their investments.

Since wealth creation is the goal of the LeoFinance enterprise, LeoThreads isn't an exception at all. The idea behind Project Blank I think is to help users who are fan of short contents to be carried along and also give them the opportunity to twit (thread) and also earn crypto through threading.

Just some day ago, @khal said that one of the new features that's yet to be launched on the New UI is the ability for one to tap twice on a thread and the fellow has already upvoted that thread.

With the above those who Thread on a daily basis are expected to earn big just by threading. Let's use a person that thread up to 100 times per, such a fellow could earn a lot by the end of the month.

There are many other features that'll be launched that's wealth oriented in nature. The Hive Everything App has the potency to change the price paradigm of $LEO$0.068 and $HIVE$0.337 from what they're today to above $1 and $5 respectively.

Moving from the current price margin to the above is wealth upliftment on its own. Threading increases engagement and in the process of engaging with others on the blockchain, you can earn big.

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