Hello Leo, can you please lead me across these hurdles?

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@fexonice2 months ago
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Everyone I have told about my writing journey in the Leofinance community always has something discouraging to tell me. Some said that the Leofinance community is too difficult to get along with and be noticed by those who matter in the community. Others said I am only wasting my time and energy, and that the Hive platform as a whole is a difficult ecosystem for a newbie to break even. But, for me, I have made up my mind and have a resolve that no matter what it takes I shall get along in the Leofinance community.

Even though it's hard for me to get a single vote on my blog since I started writing and posting on the Leofinance community, I have never felt discouraged or given in to what people said. I have been trying my best to learn the ropes on the HIVe blogging platform and get better at writing. I am also learning more about the Hive project as a whole which is the foundation of this community.

I love being a part of this vibrant community where everyone is so passionate about their work and helping each other. I am so grateful for the support that I have received from some of the members here, who have been kind enough to read my posts and chip in some useful comments of encouragement for me.

But still, it's hard for me to get along with the company despite the effort I am putting into my writing. It's like a hurdle that I can't seem to cross no matter how hard! try. So, here is me asking Leo if you could lead me across this hurdle. I am sure that with the help of this amazing community, I can get the better of the Hive blogging platform. So, if you could lend me a hand in getting over this my complications on Leofinance, it would mean a lot to me.

I am a crypto enthusiast, and the Leofinance philosophy and ideology resonate with me. I am passionate about learning more and getting involved in the blockchain space. I am also interested in exploring new opportunities and projects that are being built on top of this community.

I understand that it takes time to get noticed here, but I am determined to make my mark and be a part of this amazing community. I know that the Hive blogging platform is tough, but I am learning to be tougher so that I can succeed here. With your help, Leo, I can make it happen. So please lend me a head to get across these hurdles.

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