2021 Promising Crypto Projects (What's yours?)

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2 years ago - 5 minutes read

With 2020 leaving us behind and 2021 saying hello we as human beings tend to hope for a better future. We begin by thinking, saying, or writing down our 2021 resolution and goals and start doing what we can to achieve them...or we simply forget everything and remember it a few days before 2022!

To tell you the truth one thing that i believe we should all do besides our resolution is to find new or existing promising crypto projects and delve more into them. We can invest our money or help any other way we can, the gist of it is to love these projects.

An interesting thing these days is that the majority of the projects are introducing their 2021 goals in a form of a roadmap or posts with announcements and any relevant info.

As such i searched a bit, even though i need to do way more digging and here i am to present to you all of my promising crypto projects for 2021!




Hive for me is very promising especially for 2021. It hasn't been that long since we left steemit and the progress here is amazing. I know that most of you are thinking in terms of money but think of the bigger picture.

Hive has opened the way for a lot of projects to take off and even now many people earn a decent amount to cover their daily expenses and such. Also, check on @blocktrades roadmap to see all the exciting things planned for 2021 here

You can also read @taskmaster4450's post about how undervalued Hive is at the moment! I believe that this year we gonna see some nice surprises coming from hive so don't take your eyes!



The only reason i am mentioning Leo is for all those people that don't actually know it and hear it for the first time. If you have just done a little bit of research then you already know how promising this project is.

Leofinance has already shown great potential. It is built on the Hive network and its token managed to be valuing x2+ times Hive's worth. The team behind the project is amazing and they constantly announcing new stuff and updates.

Right now we are all waiting for the new announcement of 25k words that will be followed by the biggest airdrop we have ever seen. In case you wanna learn more because i haven't said even 1/4 of what Leo is follow the official account @leofinance and click the posts below.


21 Minutes of Development Updates



@clicktrackprofit is an amazing community that wasn't part of the blockchain world initially. They are an affiliate marketing community, an one of a kind i dare to say that dived into the crypto world keeping their initial goal and adding a lot of new projects under their umbrella.

They have their own token (CTP) and different projects like INDEX, HIVE PAY among others. A day ago they published their roadmap for 2021. Check the roadmap post for more info!



LBI isn't an entirely new project and that isn't bad at all. If you are familiar with a SPI then you should know that it's the same concept. Also, @silverstackeruk is behind the wheel like in SPI so success is guaranteed. Follow @lbi-token for more info and related posts.

Let's talk numbers. The project is around 1 month old and check below how much Leo has gathered as well as the worth of it!




I have said it countless times by now, but i have a special position about that tribe in my heart. Behind the wheel, is @themarkymark and you can follow @stemgeeks for any additional details.

Now with the linear reward system, you can also earn a lot more! In case you are wondering and keep asking for more info i have 2 posts. The first one is a generic post to learn everything and the second one has math and numbers if you are that type.

Finally, i think that this community has massive potential and that it is undervalued now. It can literally attract scientists and people of science but we need to onboard more! Come and say Hi if you are that kind of guy, or if you wanna invest in science!




Honestly speaking i haven't delved into SPORTS but i know people who did so. SPORTS is a token here on Hive and a different community, a sports one. You also need to know that people love sports so this community and token has massive potential for 2021.

So as i was saying i know people that have invested in SPORTS big time, @ph1102 and @uyobong. You can read their posts below to find any additional info

5 Million SPORTS Tokens! .:. and ALL staked! SPORTS Price Recovery: How far can it go?

One of my goals for 2021 is to increase my stake in SPORTS and learn more about the project



Around 2 weeks ago @theycallmedan made a big announcement about the future of 3speak. The 3speak network is a project in which you can upload videos without fearing the censorship youtube has.

I am not the kind of guy who uploads videos of any type but i know when i see a promising project. You can read more in this post which i assure you have all the answers that you seek.

I hadn't 3SPEAK under my radar up until this particular announcement but now i really wanna find some money to invest in this project as well.

Few More Words


As you clearly understand all of these promising projects are around the Hive network. In the following days, i will make more posts regarding other kinds of promising projects for 2021 like for example promising blockchain games that aren't necessarily on Hive Network so stay tuned!!

Also, i am purposely not stating numbers and stuff. I try to give you a more generic idea about the projects and then by providing the info you need either by sharing posts of people that have delved into the project or by the official accounts, i aim to make you read, learn and research by yourselves!

What's your promising crypto-projects?

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