Biggest Airdrop Hive has Ever Seen on Leo

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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

In case you haven't read the post on Twitter or discord i am here for you!


@khaleelkazi made his thing again, hype is all over the place and i am going nuts for not having the money to buy more Leo right now. In discord, everyone is speculating and making assumptions because we are getting curious and overexcited

And how can we not be while expecting a 10k word announcement!


The news will be big, i don't know whether the community likes it or not or what result will have at Leo price in a month or 6 months from now but i know one thing.

That thing is that the team is constantly trying to make this successful. They are doing their best with multiple updates and it's obvious they are looking at the future!

I am so excited to be part of this and am waiting for that announcement. I bet right after, you gonna see a lot of people writing about this, so get ready for a feed full of related posts!

Also, vote me because the airdrop will be based on LP and WP :P I am obviously joking about the voting part, or maybe not, who knows ;) Go and buy some Leo in the meantime!

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